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Sunday Splurges and Rest Day Guilt

This morning, I decided to nix a run I had planned because it was already hotter than hell and I was ridiculously sore from yesterday’s full body workout. After relaxing all morning, I got ready to head to my friend Logan’s bridal shower. (I know, I actually put some effort into getting dressed… and get this, I even curled my hair. Logan’s just that special!) I posed with Buddy (yep, still sneaking him into every post) and headed to the store to pick up some last minute party essentials.



Anytime I purchase moscato, I immediately turn into Waka Flocka Flame. After singing “No Hands” over and over as I walked to my car, I was pretty pumped for a party. Then it happened. Well actually, I guess I should say… when I went to crank my car… nothing happened. No lights, no music, and most importantly, no AIR! The one day I put any effort into my appearance, I end up looking like this:


Luckily, Ryne was able to come get me relatively quickly. The first thing he said to me was: “Why didn’t you wait inside in the air?” Ugh, how did I not think of that? If you ever find yourself in a stressful or emergency situation, do not call me. I’m clearly not capable of helping myself, much less others.

After stealing Ryne’s truck, I finally made it to the party (greasy face and stringy hair in tow). Isn’t the bride-to-be beautiful, though?! She teaches spin and I’m totally jealous of her junk in the trunk, if you know what I mean. Winking smile


There were some pretty awesome snacks at the shower. I ate my weight in cheese and dominated the veggie tray. When I’m at a party, I bring the heat! You better eat quick or it’s gone.


Everyone who attended also brought a bottle of wine and we all got to try a little (or a lot) of each.


But my favorite part? The cake, of course! The bottom layer was vanilla and the top was strawberry. I couldn’t decide so I had a little of both.


Immediately after leaving the shower, I headed to a birthday party for my sister and my aunt these people I know. I don’t claim them.


And then, one slice of peach cobbler and a slice of angel food cake later, I put myself into a full on sugar coma.


The only dessert I didn’t indulge in? Toilet paper cake. Eh, it’s a long story…


But on a serious note, not that long ago it would have been hard for me to accept a day of cake eating and couch sitting. Now that I look at healthy eating and exercising as a lifelong goal (as opposed to a daily battle), I’m much more at peace with small decisions. I didn’t become healthy in one day and I won’t become unhealthy in one day. Seems simple enough to me!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to try to pry my husband away from Shark Week.


No BodyPump? No Problem!

I mentioned yesterday that I missed BodyPump, but I figured it was no big deal because I could hit up the Saturday morning class. No such luck… our gym canceled it for the time being. (Uh, LAME!) Normally, I’d call it a loss and go on with my day. But today, I was bored and needed something to do. I created my own little full body workout and asked my “personal trainer”/husband to check it out. He actually said I did a good job so I hit up the gym to tackle my solo workout. Luckily, no other class was taking place, so I had a room all to myself.


I brought all my personal “necessities”: music, water, and my workout plan…


All you really need for this workout, though:


I tried to take a photo and a guy walked by and peeked in… BUSTED. Can you tell I was embarrassed?


He left! Re-do…


Then it was time for my workout… Wahhh! Right before I got to abs, I realized I had forgotten to include triceps. I threw in a couple sets of dips and immediately regretted the decision. I HATE THEM! But they hurt so gooood! My workout ended up looking like this:


After the gym, Ryne asked me to go mattress shopping. Exciting right? Yeah, it was as cool as it sounded. I posed with the sheep to entertain myself, but Ryne caught it at a bad angle and missed the one I was mocking. Ruin all my fun, GEEZ. (And yeah, I didn’t shower. Don’t worry, I didn’t lay on the mattresses… while the people were looking.)


Oh and I mentioned the other day that I haven’t worn “real” clothes in a week. Still haven’t broken my streak… I’m oddly proud of this. And I know y’all are wondering when the fashion page will be posted… No worries guys, SOON! Winking smile

Anyway, we just popped in Happy Gilmore so I’ve gotta go. Buddy says goodnight!


Organize, Eat, Run

This morning I got up, fed my children (Ryne and Buddy), and headed to school to start to clean and organize my classroom. I didn’t even know where to start! It was absolutely terrifying:


My mom graciously offered to help and we ended up making some pretty good progress, but I’ll wait to show an “after” picture until I have it nicely decorated… if and when that ever happens! Then, as if helping me clean up wasn’t enough, the madre offered to buy me a late lunch. Score! I chose a place I had never been before: Einstein Bros Bagels. (I was hoping it would be as amazing as Bruegger’s Bagels, my bagel heaven!) Einstein’s closes at 4pm and we arrived before 3:30… plenty of time to grab an iced coffee and a bagel before they shut down for the day, right? Wrong. We walked in and all the chairs were already on the tables, there were only several bagel choices remaining, and wait for it… NO iced coffee because she had “already dumped it.” Instead of going with my gut reaction (which would be flipping over tables and probably flipping the bird), I calmly ordered my bagel and left. I ordered a Veg Out sandwich on an onion bagel. It was a pretty decent bagel, but the experience definitely left a bad taste in my mouth.


After eating my bagel in the car (seriously? why did they have all the chairs up?), I headed back home to relax before hitting up the gym for the first time in two weeks. I planned on going to Bodypump, but I wasted too much time at the apartment and missed it. Whoops. Then I planned to go run at the park, but it was STILL too freaking hot. So the dreadmill it was. At least Ryne agreed to tag along… he rarely ever gets the itch to run! I’m so glad he wanted to go because it gave me the push I needed to get in there. After a few crappy (and intensely hot runs in the Keys) I was nervous to get moving again! Can you see the fear in my eyes?!

photo(23)                              photo(21)

I did a short 3 mile, 30 minute interval run. I’m not sure what Ryne did, but I’m pretty positive it was a hell of a lot faster paced than anything I could ever do.

My run:


My totals:


And a gratuitous Buddy picture:


Now I’m hanging out at the apartment waiting on a few friends to come over. Should be fun! “See” y’all tomorrow!

Half Marathon Plan… Maybe?

Today I realized that I have extremely bad timing. I’ve been cooped up in the house all week with our sick puppy so I’ve had some time to toy around with a few training plans for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half in Savannah. I based my plan off of Hal Higdon’s intermediate plan. Actually, it would be more honest of me to say that I used his exact plan but switched the days of my long runs, incorporated my other races, and “dumbed” it down for myself (including removing several “rest days” because I’ll just end up using them when I want).


I also know that I will not be following this exactly. Why? Because I looked at the date of the first run and it perfectly coincides with my first day of teaching fourth grade. Awesome. Like I won’t already be completely stressed out and exhausted. So I’m going to use my handy lil’ chart as a guideline. (Oh, and I’m sure I won’t actually run the full distance the week before the race. That’s just how the numbers came out. And I was too lazy to change them! )I’ve already been stressing out about having to run and I am not going to allow this race to kill my enthusiasm for a hobby that I really love. If it becomes too much of a job, I’m going to toss the plan and just make sure I up my mileage each week. After all, I’m not competing in the freaking Olympic Trials… this race should be fun! So to sum this word-vomit up, I may or may not be using this plan. And I wasted a lot of your time explaining that. Forgive me?!

Puppy update: Buddy started getting sick again last night and couldn’t sleep at all! I think he was terrified he was going to have an accident in the bed… bless his heart. He was also sneezing uncontrollably! I took him to the vet this afternoon and had him checked out.


Check out my lovely ensemble… I haven’t worn real clothes since Sunday. Well, that’s a lie. I put on “real clothes” yesterday for a luncheon at school, but I didn’t get dressed until 10am and I changed back into shorts and a t-shirt by 2pm. Pathetic, right?

Anyway, back to the Budster. We arrived at the vet’s office to the screams of several dogs. I’m serious, it sounded like a torture chamber. It was traumatizing for me, but I’m not sure how Buddy felt about it. He didn’t tell me. Aaaand then we were taken to a room and saw this:


I know it’s just a scale, but it looked super creepy and I don’t think Buddy liked it very much. See, he looks pretty pitiful:


When I originally called the office, they said I should just drop him off.  Thankfully, when I got there they were ahead of schedule and were able to see him right away. Which meant I could stay with him! Although, I think I just freaked him out even more by being there and acting more terrified than he was. (When I have children, I am so going to be that creepy, over-involved parent that basically ruins their lives. Muahaha!) After checking him out, the doctor explained to me that Buddy is suffering from colitis and has to take antibiotics and probiotics for the next few days and should be fine! Buddy took a dose of each while at the office and felt better by the time we got home. He felt good enough to model:


Now we are going to celebrate the good news with a few drinks and a movie. Ryne is out picking a movie up as we speak. I’m crossing my fingers for a chick flick! Smile

Blueberry Banana Bread Muffins

Last night, I spent the majority of the evening watching Buddy try to burrow his way under Ryne.

Here we go...

Not quite!

"What are you lookin' at?!"


(I promise I will slow down on the puppy posts… eventually.) Before heading to bed, I realized I still haven’t been to the grocery store since we got home from vacation. The fridge situation was a bit ridiculous. The exact contents of my fridge (besides things like mustard and ketchup): 1 black banana, 2 overly ripe kiwis, 2 Greek yogurts (one plain, one blueberry), half a bottle of chardonnay, and an onion. Really? What was I supposed to eat?! The pantry was just as pathetic. We had no bread, no almond milk, and no oats. It was an emergency. I knew I might have just enough random stuff to pull off some muffins thanks to a huge stash of whole wheat flour that never seems to go down. I knew making these muffins was going to be a crap shoot; they could turn out nicely or it could all go very, very wrong. I got to work mixing things together, baking them up, and left them on a cooling rack over night…

This morning, I went to check on my muffins. Verdict? They’re good if you’re in a bind like I was. They have a good amount of sweetness from the banana and are able to keep you full thanks to a nice little dose of fiber. Not a huge failure, but nothing to write home about. I made a yogurt bowl with blueberry Greek yogurt, one sliced up kiwi, and one of my blueberry banana bread muffins.

I wasn’t going to post the recipe at all until I realize it is sorta useful if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need something quick and easy. I know, you could just go out and get groceries. But what if you’re lazy like me? You’ll make these muffins. See, I can be helpful! Plus, they’re good for you. So it’s cool.

Blueberry Banana Bread Muffins

Ingredients (makes 9-10 regular muffins):

  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 4 tablespoons ground flax
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 mashed almost unrecognizably-ripened banana
  • 3/4 to 1 cup water
  • 3/4 cup Greek yogurt
  • 3/4 cup blueberries
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla


  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Mix together flour, baking powder, flax, and cinnamon.
  3. Mix in yogurt, vanilla, and water.
  4. Mash banana and fold into mix along with blueberries.
  5. Bake for 20 minutes.

Why does this recipe yield a random number of muffins? I don’t know, I’m obviously not a mathlete. Or very good at baking. I need a lot of practice. Bare with me, please! 🙂 Now, I’m off to the grocery store. FINALLY!

Feeling Duped

Last night, I posted about how our new puppy, Buddy, was getting sick and refusing to eat. I didn’t mention that the shelter we got him from had forced us to buy a bottle of Mona-Vie and administer 2 cc’s of the juice twice a day. We were to log results for a month and return the sheet at one of his shot appointments.


They had raved about how beneficial it was for the puppies and emphasized how critical it was that our puppy be part of the study. Basically, to adopt our dog we had to allow him to take part. At the time, it seemed like an interesting way to keep Buddy healthy and boost his immune system. Looking back, the shelter was making a ridiculous request. Why were they pushing this stuff so hard? Who was selling it to them? We should have asked questions and noticed the red flags. Unfortunately, we did not and we signed Buddy up for two days of what, when it comes down to it, was practically torture. I’m so upset at myself for letting this happen and not realizing what was going on. I need to remember, though, that any family that received him would have had to sign the same paper. I just wish I would have lied.


Yesterday, Buddy spent the entire day dry heaving, refusing to eat, and sleeping in my lap. By the end of the day, Ryne and I were really starting to worry about him. We gave him his evening dose of 2 cc’s of Mona-Vie, he paced around, and then he threw up. All of a sudden, it was so obvious. We literally could not have felt any more stupid. We obviously decided to stop giving him his doses and he stopped throwing up by the time we went to bed. This morning, I figured he would gobble up his food, but he still refused to eat! I was so frustrated because I really thought we had solved the mystery. I did what I always do when I’m upset: I called my mom. Smile She brought Buddy two cans of wet puppy food and I quickly plopped half a can into his bowl.


He went to town on that stuff! I was so excited to see him eat for the first time in two days! I think he thought his dry food was what was making him sick, so he naturally didn’t want to keep eating it. Now I just have to be careful that I don’t create a little diva… I will be slowly weaning him off the wet (and expensive) puppy food and back onto dry puppy food. I’m just glad this ordeal is finally over. Now hopefully Buddy will continue to be a happy, healthy little pup.

Knowing that Buddy is feeling better means I won’t completely panic at the thought of leaving him alone. Now I can go back to regular life: workouts and runs, errands for the upcoming school year, creating recipes, and blogging about it all. Just in time, too, because I have a meeting tomorrow at school in the AM! But this sweet little face will still be in the back of my mind until I return:


I am so excited to get back to regular blogging. After two vacations and a surprise puppy adoption, I need to get back on track. I feel like so far Run Pretty has been a whole lot of pretty (places and puppies) with very little running. With three races this fall, I definitely need to work on that!

Our Growing Family: Bringing Buddy Home!

Recently Ryne and I have been talking about expanding our little family of two. It wasn’t until we were spending time in Key West that we started seriously discussing adding a new member to our family. I had spent the afternoon walking around downtown with the girls when we saw a small pet shop. There were about ten puppies for sale, all priced over 1,000 dollars. Ridiculous right?! They were cute, though!

No matter how cute those little puppies were, I honestly knew we were going to rescue a dog. No doubt about it in my mind. It just took a little convincing to get Ryne to agree, because he has wanted a Shiba Inu for a while. I just can’t justify buying a puppy from a breeder when I know that there are so many in need of good homes. Yesterday we decided we were going to drive to a nonprofit shelter in Columbia to look at a few dogs, just to see what size/breed we might eventually want. There were so many adorable dogs and puppies. This pen in particular caught our attention:

They were all going to be too large for us, though, so we kept looking! A little further into the building, we saw a boy holding the most adorable puppy we had ever seen. We were smitten! We couldn’t believe someone had gotten there right before we did and picked him out. We went to the pen where the boy had found the puppy and played with his brothers, but they were missing that “something” the first puppy had. We basically stood there pouting and as we were getting ready to leave, we saw the boy put the puppy back into the pen and walk off. The boy’s mother had decided against it. I wish I could say that I felt bad for the kid, but in all honesty I was having a hard time not diving in the pen and grabbing the puppy right in front of him. We waited until he left and scooped up our new baby!

Buddy’s first Instagram (haha):

It is so like us to just “go look” at something and then end up buying it. We are impulse purchasers for sure! At least we knew we would have gotten one soon anyway… so at least we were somewhat prepared for the night ahead of us. After buying all of the essentials, we drove our eight week old baby boy home for his first night at his new home. First up on the agenda? A bath! Buddy stunk like you wouldn’t believe…

After getting fresh and clean, he played, ate, and napped for the next several hours. Around 11 pm Ryne headed off to bed because he had to get up for work the next day at 4:30… so puppy sitting fell into my hands. And let me tell you, this thing was a handful! Wait until you see where I had the pleasure of “sleeping” last night. If he woke up and didn’t see me, he would scream bloody freaking murder! It was the saddest and most maddening night of my life. I felt bad for him, but I also felt a little bad for myself.

This morning Buddy wasn’t being as active as he had been last night. I figured he was just worn out from all the activity of the day before; however, he quickly lost interest in food, playing, and even his water bowl. He couldn’t hold anything down, so he just stopped trying. Poor baby was so sick, but he somehow managed to make it to his potty pads each time. I drove him to the shelter and they tested a few things and sent us home with some deworming meds. Here’s to hoping they work! If he’s not eating by tomorrow morning I’m taking him to the vet… I can’t stand to see him like this. I got absolutely nothing accomplished today, but I’m okay with that. I didn’t want to let him out of my sight for a second. Tonight we are going to take it easy and hopefully have a better night’s sleep than last night. See y’all tomorrow!