Back in the Game!

I started blogging a few months ago and fell in love with it; however, life got in the way! I was told I wouldn’t have a teaching job for the upcoming school year. I panicked and threw myself into a hunt for a new job. Well, a few weeks later it was explained to me that I would, in fact, be hired as a full-time teacher for the 2011-2012 school year . Oops… Leave it to me to read into something, have a full on panic attack, and try to completely re-organize my life over one conversation. I’m a worrier… It is one of my many endearing qualities. 😉

Long story short, I missed having my little blog. So I am back in the game, until my next scheduled freak out (which I have tentatively penciled in to occur on the first day of school. It will be my first year with my OWN classroom!)


2 responses to “Back in the Game!

  1. Ah! Glad you’re back! All done with Presley’s Plate? 🙂 This is super cute, too!

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