Did anyone else hear Tupac after reading that? Hmm, just me? Fine.

Last time around I posted every meal, every day. That just won’t work for my schedule right now and probably led to my blogging burnout, anyway. This time, I’m thinking of occasionally listing all my eats… but mainly just a few recipes each week. But don’t hold me to it. 😉 Who knows what I’ll end up doing!

I think I need to focus more on the fitness aspect now, anyway. I’ve been doing pretty well with adding weight training to my weekly schedule via Bodypump, but it’s causing me to slack off on my running. I need to find a balance! I feel like a majority of the people I talk to in the gym are all about weight training or all about cardio… I know I need a mix of the two to feel my best, but it is so darn hard for me to plan when to weight train. Running is simple… if I want to run, I run. With weights I have to constantly think about the last time I worked a certain muscle group and that is tough for someone like me who’s workouts are usually completed on the fly!

In every other aspect of my life, I am an over-planner. Why can’t this transfer over into fitness?? I clearly need to quit whining, suck it up, and just learn to plan… especially now that I have signed up for THREE races in the fall! I love to run, but I never really considered myself a “runner.” Now my view on it is this: if you run, you are a runner. That thought gave me the push I needed to sign up for the races I’ve had my eyes on. Guess I’m going to need those new shoes for sure now.

October 1: Isle of Palms Connector Run (5k) in Isle of Palms, SC

October 15: USMC Mud Run in Columbia, SC

November 5: Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Savannah, GA

I’m excited for each of the races for different reasons. I chose one to test my speed (I’m fast like a turtle), one two test my mental toughness (Ha!), and one to test my endurance (Basically, see if I can finish). The dates seem so far away but I know I need to start preparing myself.

Anyone have any good training plans for half? Tips on surviving a mud run? Good speed training tips? I’m all ears!!!


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  1. When I was training for my half I used the following:

    LOVED It! It helped make me successful!

    I haven’t done a mud run yet but a lot of my friends have – they said the running wasn’t too bad because it was short distances over time. I think as long as you keep up a weight regiment you should have no problem with the obstacles!

    The Rock And Roll marathons are the BEST! I did the San Antonio one last November and will be doing another as soon as I have my baby 🙂

  2. Those all sound awesome. I just signed up for my second one because I was freaking out, I was thinking, “I can’t let my very first race be a half marathon!” So, I signed up for a 5 miler about 3 weeks before and I’d even like to start with a 5K, maybe work that in next month or something. Yay for running!

  3. Love the over-planner reference! 🙂 I can’t really relate to race training, but it still looks like there’s a decent amount of time left? Either way, I’m sure you’ll do great!

  4. Yeah I feel pretty good about the time frame I’m workin’ with! I just know that I need to decide on a game plan pretty soon… I just don’t know what’s going to work for me! :/

  5. Presley – your time frame is approximately the same one I worked with last year so I would say you’re right on track 🙂

    Thanks for the congrats! It is stupid hot in Texas so October can’t come soon enough haha

    • That’s good to hear! Maybe I won’t have to crawl/drag myself over the finish line, haha… I live in SC, it’s so humid it feels like I’m running through pudding… I can’t even imagine trying to move around in the heat while pregnant!

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