Toes in the Water

Yesterday after posting I did end up running! I guess putting it on the web makes me a little more prone to getting it done. I still didn’t go early enough (I just can’t learn my lesson) and ended up getting to the park around 9:15. It was already hot! (South Carolina, I get it, you like summer. Now cool down.) I ran 3 miles in 24:03 minutes. Not too terribly bad. I was just glad to get out there!

After my run, I quickly showered and got ready. I headed to Augusta to get my hair done with Mal. We are trying to look fly (baha) on our two upcoming trips! I got highlights, a trim, and a FEATHER. Yep. I actually did it. Please don’t judge me.


Right now my friend Mal and I are headed to Fripp Island, SC! We went this time last year and had a blast. I love everything about this beach. Quiet Beach. Beautiful Houses. Deer. Deer. And More Deer.

I fell in love with them. Clearly, we had a moment via a “Lady and the Tramp” scene, only with popcorn in the place of noodles. I wish I could say they loved me back. They just loved the popcorn.

Last year, both Ryne and Jason (Mal’s boyfriend) were able to come. This year, they have to work. Oh well. I’m sure Mal & I will have plenty of fun on our peaceful little stretch of sand…

I just don’t know whose butts were going to get to beat in bocce ball now. Without the boys, will have to find some other people to challenge!

If all else fails, we’ll take our aggression out on the sand. I’m planning to run on the beach this week… should be a good change of scenery! I’m going to try to post some while we’re gone. We’ll see how it goes… If not, see ya Thursday!


3 responses to “Toes in the Water

  1. This is too funny…pretty sure I have that same dress, yet no clue where it is! Ah, trips are fun either way – boys or no boys. You haveeee to post some pics from your wedding. You weren’t married when you had your old blog. I know you made a beautiful bride!!!!!!

  2. I love the feather! I wish my hair was long enough to get one. 😦

    I hope you have an amaaazing trip – I’m jealous!!! 🙂

  3. I love the feather..I recently saw someone with blond hair dye their tips different colors and wanted to try it, but it probably wouldn’t look good on a brunette. Glad someone is being adventurous! North Carolina needs to ease back on the summer as well.

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