Fripp Trip: Part 2

I’m attempting to keep this post short and sweet, so here are yesterday’s highlights.

-Woke up. Had some friends over for coffee.

-Went for a run… 4.55 miles in 38.08. It was hot, again. My shorts didn’t match my shoes and it bothered me.

-Came home. Left a butt stain on the bed. Sexy. Forced myself to shower.

-Made breakfast. Runny egg with muenster cheese on an everything bagel. Next to a cinnamon bagel with cream cheese and even more cinnamon. Had another cup of coffee.

-Went to the beach, read, and took pictures.

-Ate lunch. Salad (love when you can’t see the lettuce!) and an everything bagel with cheese. Turned into a bagel… Not really, but I do have a problem.

-Went to the pool, read, and took pictures.

-Ate dinner. More salad… And “make your own” pizza. Ended up grabbing another slice.

-Watched all of Mal’s shows. Tried to understand them. Failed. Drank beer and ate caramel bars.

-Went to bed!


7 responses to “Fripp Trip: Part 2

  1. I ran that same amount yesterday too…just didn’t accomplish it as quickly as you hahaha!!! Ahhh, I bet you’re so nice and tanned. I really need a pool to lie by. I’m hoping next week when I don’t work 60+ hours!!!!

  2. You are a MUCH faster runner then me – I hope to be as cool as you one day! Haha. That’s one of my biggest fitness goals post-pregnancy. Get my run time down!

    Looks like you are having a fabulous vacation!

  3. Sorry you haven’t been able to relax lately! Having summers off almost makes me wish I had some work to do… I get so bored! Hopefully you’ll be able to take a break soon! You deserve it 🙂

  4. I so want to go there and see all the deer after all of these pictures!! Too cute!

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