Running on Empty

How can relaxing all week make me feel so tired? I feel like I have zero energy and there is so much that I need to do like: finish thank you cards for our wedding, get prepared for the upcoming school year, clean the apartment, and basically just get my life back in order after planning a wedding and having the summer off. After this week’s vacation to Fripp Island (recaps one, two, and three), I am feeling drained. I got back yesterday and we are already leaving again tonight to head to Key West forΒ  a week. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining (well I guess technically I am) but all I wanted to do yesterday after I got home was nap. So I did. And it was fabulous! I am not a napper by any means (as in I never, ever take them) but yesterday felt like a good time to try. I feel that when your body is telling you screaming that you should slow down, you should. I’ll be driving through the night tonight and I needed to catch up on some sleep! Anyway, back to yesterday…

I mentioned in my last post that I was debating on whether or not to go on a run. I didn’t. The sky looked like it was daring me to try, so I backed off. It actually worked out though because I was able to sit down and enjoy my coffee and breakfast. I usually have to chug scolding liquid and shove a banana down my throat before rushing out of the door. I had scrambled eggs with fresh basil and mozzarella cheese served up next to some delicious cherries! I’d forgotten how good perfectly ripe cherries are…

After breakfast we hopped in the car and headed home! Or so we thought… we saw a cute little store in St. Helena Island called “What’s in Store” and had to stop. I love little shops that have all kinds of random things, from owl pillows to egg poachers to designer purses. Two of my favorite things were these lantern lights and mason jar wine glasses. Too bad I’m broke!

I somehow managed to leave without buying anything, thank goodness. But I really want to try to DIY those glasses. We’ll see. After leaving the store we were ready to get home, for real this time. About an hour into our drive I pulled out my lunch stash. I had an everything bagel (hopefully this is the last bagel for a while! I just can’t stop craving them) with cream cheese and an apple. So simple, so good. Having snacks in the car is a must for me because I generally don’t like any of the “restaurants” we pass on the highway.

Another hour later and I was home! As I hopped out of Mal’s car it suddenly hit me: I left my keys inside of the apartment. Nice. All I wanted was a nap, but I had to truck it over to the office and sign out a spare key instead. It really wasn’t much trouble, but when I’m tired and cranky, every little issue becomes a huge deal. Drama queen. πŸ™‚

After that huge ordeal, I threw my bags down and landed face first in my bed. It was amazing. I woke up just in time to make dinner for Ryne, but I still felt too lazy to cook anything for myself. I ended up just heating up an Amy’s Quarter Pound Veggie Burger in a whole wheat pita with a slice of Horizon cheddar cheese, Greek yogurt (so much better than mayo), mustard, and some onion. I had my pita burger with some Alexia fries. I never want burgers and the last time I had one of these… I hated it. What is up with my taste buds?!

After dinner, I finally got around to doing laundry and packing. Still haven’t made much progress on those dang thank you notes, though. They will be the death of me. It’s not that I’m not thankful (I’m extremely grateful), it’s just that it feels awkward to have to try to be witty, thoughtful, and original in every card. Anyone have that same problem?! Tell me I’m not alone.

Now I’m off to eat breakfast, pick up a few things for the trip (tonight!), start getting some things together for the upcoming school year (!!!!), and find some time to workout. I’m thinking weights… I’m trying so hard to keep it up!


5 responses to “Running on Empty

  1. You are not alone – it took me FOR-EV-ER to finish my thank you notes. Chris had to move me to TX immediately following our honeymoon so life was a little crazy for a bit πŸ™‚

    To help – I made him write the thank you’s for his family and friends who gave us gifts πŸ˜‰ They were unique cards to say the least haha

  2. I got Ryne to do the same… he asked me 1,000 questions while he was doing his so I still didn’t have the energy to do mine! haha it was hilarious watching him get so nervous about them!

  3. Oh, thank you cards. I got them done as fast as possible because I didn’t want them looming over me! I know what you mean – you’re extremely thankful for everything, but it IS hard to write all of that to each person! I don’t think I was overly witty or anything in mine though. πŸ™‚

    Have a safe trip to Key West — I’m very jealous!!!

  4. I’m SO glad I found your blog !!! You said it sister… PBJ is the business. Fo reals.

  5. I totally napped today. I wish I was traveling, but instead, I’m working. I was suppose to meet a friend, but I totally passed out after work today and didn’t hear my phone!! I guess it is nice to take the much needed rest. I know my body totally appreciate its. Have fun in Key West!!!

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