Sweating Buckets!

Last night, I said that I had the choice between heading inside and watching a movie or staying outside and fishing for a while. Obviously, I chose to watch a movie! When I’m fishing with Ryne, I last until I catch a few and then get bored with it (catching one fish is exciting but catching multiples of the same thing gets boring!) I did manage to stay outside to watch the sunset and to take some photos of the gorgeous view.

Today I got up and attempted a “long” run (which for me means 7-8 miles). I waited until around 9am to head out and it was already SO hot! I’ve mentioned this before but I hate the heat. I ended up running 5 miles before heading back in. Before my run, I chowed down on a piece of whole wheat toast with chunky PB and drank a ton of water (and I’m glad I did, I was sweating buckets).

After my run, I made some breakfast… scrambled eggs with peppers and onions and a whole wheat waffle with cream cheese. I mentioned being addicted to bagels recently, but I really think it was the cream cheese I was after. 🙂 I ate my breakfast on the porch to enjoy the view because I can’t get enough of it!

After breakfast I hopped into my swimsuit and headed outside to get some sun and hang out with the girls.

A little while later, we took a break for lunch. Ryne and I had a crappy frozen pizza, but delicious spinach dip and pita wedges. I had mine next to a simple lil’ salad with some huge chunks of ‘mater.

Then I headed back out to read in the shade and hide in some trees… because hey, it was really freakin’ HOT out!

Now we all (read: the girls) have to get ready for a night on the town in Key West! Should be fun!


7 responses to “Sweating Buckets!

  1. I definitely don’t do the heat when it comes to runs. I started training for my half last year in August … horrible idea!

    The hubs is training for Special Forces Selections and decided that the hottest time of the time was the BEST time today to go for a ruck (walking with weight). I lasted a mile and called it a day. Haha.

    Have fun in the Keys! It’s on my “to get there” list … maybe if we end up on the East Coast next 🙂

  2. Oohh my goodness it’s gorgeous there. I’ve said it before, but I’m SO jealous! Andddd 5 miles is super long for me considering I never run. 🙂

    It looks like you guys are having a blast!! 🙂

  3. Amazing sunset! Keep on having a blast! 🙂

  4. I’m very jealous of your lounging in the sun! It’s been raining everyday here 😦

  5. Wow, 5 miles in heat is loooong, I ran 3.5 today (which is long for me anyways, I usually stick to about 2) in the heat and it about killed me. We’re talking 95 degree heat. YUCK!
    HAVE A BLAST!!!!

  6. I haven’t ran in a week, so I am VERY proud of your 5 miles 🙂 AHHH hope you’re having so much fun there…looks SO amazing!

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