Night on the Town!

Last night, we got dressed and headed to one of our favorite spots in Key West, Eat It Raw (or Half Shell Raw Bar)… but not before a photo shoot. You can’t have four girls on a vacation and not expect to hear “take our picture!” about a million times.

A dog from the neighborhood even photo bombed us! So we let her hop in for a few extra pics. 🙂

And the boys were jealous, so they had to have a turn as well. Such models, aren’t they?

The photos continued once we arrived downtown…

And then we were ready to EAT! This is the fourth year in a row we’ve planned a night out around eating here. There are so many good restaurants in Key West, but Eat It Raw has great food, good prices, and a fun atmosphere. Plus, at this point they could feed us garbage and we would eat there for tradition’s sake.

I had blackened mahi along with broiled shrimp and scallops. I subbed out my two sides for a nice little house salad. Good call, because Ryne let me have a few of his fries anyway.

After dinner, we took a walk downtown. Instead of spending 10 dollars per drink at a bar, we went to CVS and bought wine juice boxes to lug around. Classy.

Once again, the boys were jealous.  They needed a picture, too.

About a third of the way into my “juice box” I realized that it tasted like hell. So we went to Margaritaville and split a Hurricane (or two ;))! After that, we walked around and checked out a few stores and then headed home. Pretty good night!


3 responses to “Night on the Town!

  1. What fun! What fun!!!!! ….Glad you are taking the time to enjoy yourself and drink lots of ‘juice’ for all of us stuck at home! 🙂

  2. haha yeah, those boxes were cracking us up! I wanna know where you’re headed soon!!!

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