Battle of the Sexes

Yesterday morning, I woke up planning to tackle a long run after Sunday morning’s fail. Clearly, the skies weren’t having it!

So I made a nice little breakfast instead. Can anyone else not eat their yogurt plain? I love Greek yogurt, but I have to have some crunch!

After breakfast the skies seemed to clear up a bit so we headed outside to get some sun. (Which really means we go outside and I follow Ryne around making him take pictures with me. He must seriously love me to deal with it!)

I even bothered him while he was fishing… Oops! 😉

Once I was done stalking my husband for a solid hour or so, I headed in for lunch. I know you are diggin’ all the carpet pics… Sweet potato and salad. Delishhh.

After lunch, the storm returned in full force. We all headed in for a “friendly” game of Battle of the Sexes. Both teams were out for blood. I’m so glad there were no witnesses! In the end, though, we proved (like always) that girls rule and boys drool. And yes, I’m still in 2nd grade.


Whoopin’ butts is a serious workout and it left me ready for some grub. Nothing sounded better than a baked potato and some boiled shrimp. (I know, I eat a lot of shrimp… I should start seeing other seafood, but shrimp is my lovah.)

After dinner, we were outside for hours watching the boys fish for sharks. We saw a huge (6+ footer) lemon shark, but he escaped. I’m pretty sure they were devastated. After the biting slowed down, I lost enthusiasm and started photographing other wildlife. Check out this crab… a foot long beast!

At some point we all headed in for the night. I went to bed dreaming of beasting a long run in the morning. More on that later…


3 responses to “Battle of the Sexes

  1. I soooo better go to bed so I can bust out a run in the morning too! Ah, I want that potato. Now I’m regretting not having made them tonight haha!

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the name Ryne before reading you, PS.

    In other news, that game looks pretty tight, though sometimes games like that bring out the worst in me (read: too intense, fighting over every point, storming off when someone questions my answer.) Competitive nature’s a *itch.

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