Organize, Eat, Run

This morning I got up, fed my children (Ryne and Buddy), and headed to school to start to clean and organize my classroom. I didn’t even know where to start! It was absolutely terrifying:


My mom graciously offered to help and we ended up making some pretty good progress, but I’ll wait to show an “after” picture until I have it nicely decorated… if and when that ever happens! Then, as if helping me clean up wasn’t enough, the madre offered to buy me a late lunch. Score! I chose a place I had never been before: Einstein Bros Bagels. (I was hoping it would be as amazing as Bruegger’s Bagels, my bagel heaven!) Einstein’s closes at 4pm and we arrived before 3:30… plenty of time to grab an iced coffee and a bagel before they shut down for the day, right? Wrong. We walked in and all the chairs were already on the tables, there were only several bagel choices remaining, and wait for it… NO iced coffee because she had “already dumped it.” Instead of going with my gut reaction (which would be flipping over tables and probably flipping the bird), I calmly ordered my bagel and left. I ordered a Veg Out sandwich on an onion bagel. It was a pretty decent bagel, but the experience definitely left a bad taste in my mouth.


After eating my bagel in the car (seriously? why did they have all the chairs up?), I headed back home to relax before hitting up the gym for the first time in two weeks. I planned on going to Bodypump, but I wasted too much time at the apartment and missed it. Whoops. Then I planned to go run at the park, but it was STILL too freaking hot. So the dreadmill it was. At least Ryne agreed to tag along… he rarely ever gets the itch to run! I’m so glad he wanted to go because it gave me the push I needed to get in there. After a few crappy (and intensely hot runs in the Keys) I was nervous to get moving again! Can you see the fear in my eyes?!

photo(23)                              photo(21)

I did a short 3 mile, 30 minute interval run. I’m not sure what Ryne did, but I’m pretty positive it was a hell of a lot faster paced than anything I could ever do.

My run:


My totals:


And a gratuitous Buddy picture:


Now I’m hanging out at the apartment waiting on a few friends to come over. Should be fun! “See” y’all tomorrow!


9 responses to “Organize, Eat, Run

  1. HOLY CUTE DOG! At least you ran! That’s the important part! I hate when I dread a workout…sometimes I’ll skip it based on how I feel like I’d be very unproductive actually doing it! I clearly need to read some older posts to hear this puppy story 😉

  2. I swear all bagel places close early and I don’t understand it! That’s happened to me a few times; they run out of everything and the choices are SO slim.

    • I get so angry at things like that… like the people are doing it JUST to make me mad haha I think the world revolved around my lunches apparently.

  3. ittybitsofbalance

    I hate when restaurants do that kind of stuff– I used to work at Panera and all of the workers always wanted to get out of there early so they would start closing and putting food away long before the doors were even locked! It was pretty ridiculous

    Good job on your run girl– even if you dreaded it, you got it done!

    Have a great Saturday 🙂

  4. Seeing you get your classroom ready is bringing back so many memories of helping my mom set up her 4th grade classroom for the better part of my life. Haha. Good luck!

  5. I just found your blog! I’m new to the blog world 🙂 your puppy is toooo cute! Can’t wait to read more!

  6. That was so nice of your mom to help you out and offer to go to lunch. But I, too, hate when restaurants close up well before they’re supposed to… it’s so rude!

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