A Surprise Workout: Manual Labor

This morning I got up early and headed to a grade-level planning meeting at a local breakfast joint. After our meeting (and several cups of coffee), I headed to school. I knew I had a long day ahead of me. I mentioned a few days ago that my mom was kind enough to help me out in my classroom. I thought that we made some good progress, but honestly after today I realize we had barely made a dent. We’d cleaned out a few drawers and wiped down the walls, but hadn’t done any of the heavy lifting or deep cleaning. And today… I was on my own. (Sorry in advance for the craptastic iPhone pictures.)









This was an intense workout. Manual labor ain’t no joke, y’all. As I was lifting, moving, and sorting through box after box… I found myself really regretting that upper body workout I did last night!

It took me 5 hours to get this far and the sad thing is… I still have a really long way to go. I have to decorate the bulletin boards, buy about a million school supplies, make table cloths and curtains, and furnish my “reading nook.” All in the next few days!

And don’t even get me started on this eye-sore:


Now I’m finally heading to bed! I’ve got another long day ahead of me, but at least all of the dirty work is over. Time to get my Young House Love on, classroom-style! I’m also taking a break tomorrow afternoon and treating myself to a hair cut and color… I deserve it! Winking smile


12 responses to “A Surprise Workout: Manual Labor

  1. Really excited to find your blog!!! I just graduated in elementary ed and I bet you are so excited to be able to arrange your own classroom!! I can’t wait to have my own room! Congrats!

    • It’s so exciting to finally have a classroom! But I’m getting so nervous/stressed out because I feel so unprepared. I guess that’s normal, though haha… or that’s just what I’m telling myself.

  2. Looks really good though. Everything looks really shiny and clean though. I wish I lived closer I would totally come help you clean & organize. Even though its a lot of work its still probably exciting knowing pretty soon the little ones will be there. Good luck!

    • I can’t wait for it all to be finished… I’m one of those people that needs everything done like, yesterday! haha I would have LOVED your help!

  3. ittybitsofbalance

    You definitely look like you made a lot of progress! Just think how happy those kids are gonna be on their first day to see such an awesome classroom 🙂
    Although I must say– that computer looks like it came straight out of the stone age haha

    • Those computers are a freaking shame. There are other counties in the state whose students have iPads and personal laptops. Like, for real? Share some of the wealth!

  4. I think you made a TON of progress, girl!! The kids will love it. 🙂 It brings back memories of many first days of school..walking into a new classroom. Pretty exciting stuff!

  5. Isn’t it amazing how cleaning can be an awesome work-out?! Haha.

    Your classroom is looking awesome! Can’t wait to see your bulletin boards – that was always my favorite part of helping my mom!

  6. I think so far what you’ve done to the classroom looks great. Give yourself some credit girl!! Can’t wait to see the hairrrr!!!!

  7. Wow looks like you’ve been busy! Please give me some of your organizational energy because I’ve got an apartment to unpack.

  8. Awesome progress!! It looks good. I’m a preschool teacher and I always feel super unprepared at the beginning of a school year!!

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