Mental Health Day

Lately I’ve been thinking about all the hats people where on any given day. Most people are several things to several people and I can see how that could potentially be absolutely draining.  I’ve realized that the older I get, the more hats I collect.



My hats now include: wife, mother (to a fur-child), daughter, sister, friend, teacher, runner, and blogger. I also cook, clean, pay bills, and try to stay on top of everything else that gets thrown my way. Just recently, all of the pressure to get things done has started to really wear me down. I’m really not complaining, because I do feel like I have a pretty badass little life. I am, however, trying to stress the importance of a break.

Even on my recent vacations, I over-planned and over-stressed. I need to just slow down and take some time to appreciate all the things that are going so well in my life right now. It’s too easy to get bogged down with all the “to-dos” and “must-haves” in life. I need to focus more on the “I-dids” and “I-haves” before I completely burnout.

That being said, tonight I’m taking a mental health day (night?). Ryne and I are going to get dressed, go out, and have fun! We just got married and we already have to plan a special night just to spend time together. I think that says something about our priorities lately.

I’m not going to think about the fact that I didn’t workout, don’t have a sweet post for tonight (but really, when do I?), or have a new dress to wear to dinner (I’m taking donations, though!).  I will be thinking about how blessed I am to be healthy, how awesome it is that even one person reads this blog, and how lucky I am to have a husband that loves me in whatever clothes I choose to wear.

Have a great night!


8 responses to “Mental Health Day

  1. I feel the SAME way lately. For some reason I just can’t get with it!

    Enjoy your fabulous night with your husband and don’t think about blogging/life/to-dos. 🙂 It will be wonderful!

  2. I overplan and overthink ALL the time! Today, on my “rest” day for marathon training, rather than trying to cram in a yoga class, I met one of my best friends for a glass of wine on the water in SF – and it was so much fun to just turn off and enjoy time with a friend!

    Have a lovely night with your hubby! 🙂

  3. It’s always important to take a mental health day! I take those too – days where I just do whatever I want, responsibilities aside.

    It is hard balancing married life with just LIFE in general. Chris and I find ourselves planning our date nights too and this will just get harder when the babe makes her appearance. Putting your marriage as a priority is always awesome – no matter how long or short you have been married 🙂

    Have fun tonight!! I am sure you look cute in whatever you chose to wear 🙂

  4. Everyone needs a mental health day every so often! Hope you enjoyed yourself! Sounds like you deserve it!

  5. The hubs and I totally have to pen each other into one another’s daytimer. It sucks, but all this apart time is temporary (or at least he’s done a good job of convincing me on that one haha), and soon enough we’ll be enjoying each other’s company more than we want to. We have a dinner date lined up for tomorrow. It’s actually kinda fun this way because you have something to look forward to all day – or in my case all day and day before haha!

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