“Oh, Bless His Heart” + Wedding Wednesday

This morning I woke up to the best conversation ever. Check out what my husband accidentally texted his friend Jake:


The first thing I thought? “Oh, bless his heart!” The fact that I’m even thinking phrases like that means I am truly southern. Like, no doubt about it. (By the way, this phrase can make you sound really sweet even if you are being a total you-know-what. Like with Ryne’s situation today, if I were to have said “bless his heart” what I really would have meant is “what an idiot.” Works beautifully every time. Seriously, start preceding every rude thing you say about someone with “Bless her heart…”) The rest of the day further confirmed the fact that I’m living in a land of country folk.

Today I had to drive to another school for an entire day of district-wide orientation meetings. Clearly, I was pumped. And have frizzy hair.


Southern Proof #1: The first “gift” we received at orientation? Peaches. Because nothing screams “back to school” like a barrel of fuzzy-butt fruit.


Southern Proof #2: We took a break at lunch and drove to a cafeteria-style restaurant. Collards? Check. Biscuits? Check. Sweet Tea? ‘Chu know it!


Southern Proof #3: On the way home I passed nothing but fields,


peach farms,


and trees! I am obsessed with tree-lined streets. I even took my bridal portraits on a street similar to this one.


Southern Proof # 4: I took bridal portraits. I thought everyone did this, but I was recently told that this is primarily a southern tradition. So I decided to share my pictures since I desperately want to relive this day over and over. If you have an upcoming wedding, I highly recommend that you at least consider taking bridal portraits. It’s nice to have a little extra attention!


When we were setting up for the first location, I was extremely nervous. I’m pretty loud and outgoing, so I never would have thought I would panic like that. Having a group of people staring at you while you are trying to get your Gisele on is pretty daggum difficult. Thankfully I had friends there… and this picture sums them both up perfectly.


A glass of wine later, I was ready to give posing my best shot. I think my photographer was a magician, because she got some good shots out of a completely spastic model. (Bahaha model…)





We also took some themed shots for the husband. Ryne is obsessed with fishing, so off to the dock we went. I dreaded going to take these because I thought they were going to be super cheesy, but I think they ended up being a sweet way to include him in the day. (Kind of like how they always add something belonging to a dude in Playboy pictures. Probably a bad example, though… Or maybe not… Has anyone taken any Boudoir photos? I don’t know if I would ever have the nerve!)





**All of these pictures were taken by Paige Jeffcoat (KP Photography)… She’s amazing. If you live in South Carolina, you need to hit her up!**

I’m thinking of recapping parts of the wedding each Wednesday, but only if it won’t bore you all to death!


21 responses to ““Oh, Bless His Heart” + Wedding Wednesday

  1. You are GORGEOUS!!! I love love the pictures! I didn’t know people did bridal shoots, but I think that’s a great idea! I kind of wish I did them now. Boo! I still have my dress, so you never know, haha. 🙂

    I died at that text, BTW.

    Those pictures… are stunning.
    Note to self: even though I’m not “From” the south, since I’ve officially lived in NC for the past 6 years, no matter where I’m living when I get married…. I’m doing bridal portraits.

    And eating many, many peaches.

  3. Umm this might be my favorite blog post ever because it has summed up my past year. I now use & think “bless their heart” often. I asked a true southerner about the correct usage and somehow picked it up. I will take it back to Pittsburgh & use it often. Hopefully people don’t realize the real meaning behind it, bahaha.

    My friend recently got married and told me all about Bridal portraits. My NC cousin had done them but I didn’t know it was a ‘thing’. I absolutely love the idea. Southerners also take their engagement photos way more seriously, but I think its fun & by having the bridal portraits & engagement photos – I would imagine you can stress a little less about the day of the wedding photos.

    Tree lined streets are my favorite. Its like you are in a magical little world.

    I can never be a true southerner. I don’t like greens, grits, biscuits and I don’t like when sweet tea is too sweet or warm.

    I have never had better peaches. I loved going to the farmers market that they had right in town. Cheap & better than grocery store veggies & fruit.

    Ok I digress about all things southern. But I must say you looked absolutely gorgeous in your pictures. Loved the dress.

    Also the iphone is a curse. I have had many awkward moments because of it. At least you all got to start the morning with a laugh. If you’ve never gone to: http://damnyouautocorrect.com/ you need to check it out.

  4. Love all the photos! Especially the fishing ones…so cute 🙂
    I’ve never heard of having bridal portraits done…did you do them the day of the wedding or after?
    ps you’re gorgeous!

  5. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    I’ve heard of engagement photos but never bridal photos. WHERE HAVE I BEEN!?
    These are beautiful! I’m totally making people take pictures of me!

  6. Oh my goodness, your pictures are GORGEOUS! And I just died at how funny that text message was. Silly boys! haha

  7. Yes yes yes to more wedding photos! Did you do the bridal session the day of the wedding or before?

  8. Wow – I absolutely love the one of you on the dock – so pretty… Great photography ` beautiful model 🙂 xoxo from Trinidad

  9. These are amazing. I LOVE good photography and can honestly say, yours was that!! Being interested in whether you got them on your wedding day or after/before, because if it was on your wedding day, my photographer did do a few solo shots of me, but nothing major. I maybe would have like more ‘set up’ ones of me because mine are basically me just walking and laughing.

    I know that sounds horrible to say that I would have wanted more posed ones, but then at least I could know I wouldn’t look dorky in them all (ie: the laughing ones). Keep the Wednesday posts coming, pleeeease!

    • It was nice to have a day to keep trying to make me look good hahah I’m sure I look a lot worse off in the wedding pictures because there wasn’t really time for “re-dos” or time to fix my hair and makeup!

  10. I love this entire post, but I LOVE your wedding dress! Obsessed with the back! Is that chantilly lace? Exact style I want!

    Can I say “bless his/her heart” even living in SF? We’re about to find out!

    • I’m not sure what kind of lace! But it’s from David’s Bridals (I’m cheap haha) and yes please use it wherever you live! It’s probably even more effective somewhere where no one knows what it means 🙂

  11. Gorgeous photos!! Wow! Love the one on the tree lined street and the one where it shows the back of your dress.
    My grandma used to say “Bless Your Heart” all the time! Guess she thought everyone was an idiot. 🙂

  12. That was my wedding dress too this past August! You have great taste!

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