Delayed Fatigue + Wedding Wednesday

I must have really over done it on Monday. Between teaching, running, and baking… I had no energy at all on Tuesday! After work, I nursed a serious headache for the remainder of the afternoon and evening. Excedrin Migraine didn’t even knock it out! I think the headache was my brain’s way of yelling “slow the heck down!” So that’s exactly what I did. I didn’t even have the brain power to type up a post about the day. But really, what was there to say? I taught, skipped a workout, and went to bed. Exciting. And yes, this means I already missed a run on my half marathon plan… on the second day. I’m what I would like to call an underachiever.

Today at school I found out I will be team teaching starting on Monday, which means I will only be teaching two subjects. However, it means that all my planning up to this point has been pointless. I have to scrap it all and re-plan. I’m pretty stressed, but I know in the end this will be a good thing. I’ll be teaching language arts and social studies, my two favorites! After today, I’m tired again. I have a feeling this will be a trend in the weeks to come. (Oh and once again, this means I skipped a workout. I promise I’m not completely lazy… I will be prepared for this race if it kills me!)

And since there’s no way for me to segue into the Wedding Wednesday portion of this post, I’m just going to jump right in. Bridal showers! Ryne and I were blessed to have several great (and fun!) showers.

First up was a traditional brunch thrown by my mom’s friend, and my high school secretary, Jenny. The attendees included several of my family members and a ton of my mom’s old coworkers, who were also my high school teachers.

Two of my beautiful cousins, Paige and Emsley:


My fabulous grandmas, Mammy and Memaw:


The spread, all delicious and cooked by the wonderful host (shrimp and grits, fruit salsa, baked French toast, and an omelet bake):


Awkward, unflattering pictures:



Seriously, there was not a single picture were I didn’t look totally creepy or gross. It was pretty sweet.

Next up was a couple’s shower, which also meant Ryne could finally enjoy a wedding festivity. It’s unfair the guys usually miss out on all the fun (and food!)

Husband-to-be and Maid-of-honor:


The parentals:


I got panties:


So did Ryne:


He also got a ton of other junk I wasn’t interested in…


The third shower was another girls-only event, thrown by my amazing MOH and her mother. There were tons of cute decorations and a bunch of yummy finger foods!


There were also plenty of candid group shots,


more awkward gift-opening shots,


and one shot of my beautiful friends!


I know this post is getting ridiculously long but I can’t forget our stock the bar party. It was a co-ed event, but you’d never know it… since we all stayed completely separate all night. Middle school dance flashbacks, anyone?


The girls with the hostest-with-the-mostest:


I swear I’m not four feet tall…


But I am four years old…


Aaaand that does it for this evening’s installment of Wedding Wednesdays. Hope I didn’t bore you to death. See ya tomorrow!


7 responses to “Delayed Fatigue + Wedding Wednesday

  1. You will make it! Team teaching will be exciting, especially because they are your favorites! I am proud of you for listening to your body and slowing things down at least until you get better used to your schedule!

    And I loved seeing your bridal showers. I like the idea of having joint parties with the guys. They are always left out! I like the stock the bar party, too! Awesome idea!

  2. Team teaching will be awesome for your first year and although you’re stressed now, it will be a HUGE blessing!!! Hope it goes great for you! ….Wedding Wednesday! Looks like SO much fun!! Glad your MOH is by your side, they are priceless 🙂

  3. Ooo…we had a ‘stock the bar’ party too. It was a surprise which made it even better. I wonder what happened to all that booze…hmmm (just kidding!). I love the wedding posts; I almost want to do something like that, just so I’ll have it to look back on 🙂 Keep ’em coming!

  4. I love wedding Wednesday! We’ll have to do a stock the bar party once we move into our house…

  5. You are not lazy at ALL. I can’t even imagine how much teaching would wipe me out! I’m positive that your training will go great!

    We did a couples shower/party thing too and I loved it. I really didn’t want my own shower (why, I’m not sure…), and the joint thing just worked out really well. 🙂

  6. I hope team teaching is fun!! What a bummer that you have to scrap all your plans though 😦 good luck! I think missing a workout or 2 is understandable! I always get in an awesome workout routine during the summer and then it falls apart during the school year.. oh well!

  7. Wait I love this Stock The Bar party idea! That’s AWESOME!

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