Tackling Stress + Wedding Wednesday

Lately I’ve found myself incredibly stressed out and I know that I haven’t been handling it as well as I should. As a teacher, I usually encourage my students to work through a problem with a direct, systematic approach. However, I’ve been tackling my stress in a random, haphazard way. I’ve been attacking it from all sides, all at once. I needed to slow down and devise a plan. And I have to admit, it’s been working so far. Just in time, too, because I was about to lose my damn mind.

Step 1: Turn to alcohol.


Just kidding. A little. Anyway, back to my plan…

Step 1: Identify the stressors.

  • Finances.
  • Work.
  • Health/Fitness.

Step 2: Attack one problem at a time. For example, I created a “must do” and “can wait” list for work. I realized I was trying to do too much when it came to planning. I needed to break it down!

  • Must do: choose one state standard for ELA and one standard for social studies and plan a week’s worth of relevant plans. I’m starting with a project on explorers in SS. My plans are pretty legit if I do say so myself.
  • Can wait: everything else! Smile I was overwhelming myself in this area particularly. My husband pointed out that I was trying to do everything and know everything too soon. He reminded me that no one becomes an expert in a week and a half and that I needed to give myself a break. Done!

Step 3: Relax. This one comes naturally after you’ve completed the first two steps. I already feel much better about everything that’s been happening lately. Well, almost. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t stressing out a little about the blog. I love blogging, but I’m just not good at it! I’ve said it before, but I really look up to people who can come up with relevant and meaningful posts day after day. I struggle with just producing half-assed posts once or twice a week. Maybe practice makes perfect? Here’s to hoping…

As one of my fellow teachers reminded me: “The sun’s gonna rise and set either way.” It’s true. The world isn’t going to stop spinning if I type up a ridiculously sucky post, mess up a lesson, spend an extra five dollars at the store, or skip three runs in a row. Life goes on… and we better enjoy it while we can!


Speaking of enjoying life… Let’s take a little peek back at my bachelorette party weekend! It is Wedding Wednesday after all. I know, I know… My very last post was about a bachelorette party. Overkill? Maybe. But I’m rolling with it! My bachelorette party took place this May at The Inn at Harbour Town in Hilton Head, South Carolina. It was one of the funniest/most amazing weekends I’ve ever had! Sad thing is, we didn’t take that many pictures. We were too busy having a blast… so I’ll leave you with a wordless wedding post, bachelorette style!













6 responses to “Tackling Stress + Wedding Wednesday

  1. Your blog is honestly one of my favorites, so don’t say it’s not good! It truly is, and I wouldn’t just say that. You always crack me up, and posts don’t always have to be super deep or meaningful to be good!

    I don’t handle stress very well either, so I really like your tips! I need to take some of them to heart. 🙂

    PS. Your party looked like such a blast..what a gorgeous hotel!

  2. I am so glad you have found what works for you to handle your stress 🙂 Being newly married, newly employed, etc. is stressful for ANYONE. And sometimes a glass of beer or wine is just essential … especially when it comes to part 3 of your plan 😉

  3. You have to be the best teacher ever! I can just tell how passionate you are about your students and lessons. I can imagine lesson planning to be overwhelming as a first year teacher…just remember it will only get easier as time goes on!

    I am impressed with your stress-relieving break-down. That definitely is a great idea! And lastly, pretty kick-butt pictures from your bachelorette party! Looks like a blast 🙂

  4. Ahhhhhh, I absolutely LOVE Hilton Head. SO jealous you’re a South Carolina-er (word?) because I would love to live down there…especially Hilton Head haha! I’m glad identifying and making the lists helped. I purposely bought a notebook to help write down what I need to do and I haven’t used it yet. Maybe I would be feeling less stressed if I started doing what I originally planned!!!

  5. To-do lists based on priority save my life… when I get super stressed at school/work I just sit down an make lists. (Or when I can’t sleep at night because i’m so stressed… I make a list). It kind of makes everything seem manageable. A corona always helps too 🙂

    I keep coming back to your blog every day, so I’d say it’s pretty dang good 🙂 If you’re ever writing half-assed posts.. I can’t tell.. so that makes you an awesome blogger in my book. Keep doing what you’re doing 🙂

  6. Where’d you get your white bathing suit? I’m looking for one for our honeymoon.

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