Gym. Tan. Shopping.

Yesterday was just what I needed. Gym. Tan. Shopping. Just not in that order.

After a few weeks of less than stellar weather, we finally had a cloudless sky. Ryne and I really had no option other than to head to the pool. Winking smile


We cut our relaxing pool day short after a loud, middle aged woman starting throwing f-bombs all over the place. It was a war zone out there. Instead of subjecting our ears to this attention-starved woman’s antics, we decided to call it a day. We threw on some clothes (read: didn’t shower) and headed to TJ-Maxx. The sales were on point yesterday!


Side note: does buying workout clothes guilt you into working out? It totally makes me feel like a fraud if I haven’t been very athletic lately. New gear makes me want to get my sweat on! It’s like… shopping for your health. New excuse for shopping? CHECK.

After my small shopping spree, I actually went to the gym. Given my track record lately, this was extremely shocking. I ran 6 miles… which was even more shocking. Maybe all these breaks lately have been good for me. It wasn’t the fastest run in the world, but it still felt pretty good! (In case you were wondering, my new goal for the half marathon is not to puke/to finish. I’m 80 percent sure I’ll be able to achieve this.)


Oh, and did I work out today? No. Because I didn’t go shopping. See? It’s definitely a causal relationship. Scientific fact. Your children will be learning this in school.

And now I would like to end this post on a sad note…


Buddy’s left ear is deformed. I know. It’s upsetting me, too.


8 responses to “Gym. Tan. Shopping.

  1. I don’t think it’s deformed – I think it gives him character! And I LOVE getting new work-out clothes 🙂 Totally makes me want to go to the gym!

  2. aww what a cute puppy!!! I want one so bad! Oh and buying workout clothes definitely makes me feel like I should work out. It makes sense to me 🙂

  3. Buddy is so cute! 🙂

    xoxo from Trinidad

  4. Buddy is the cutest!! I want a puppy so much. 😦

    Not so sure about the F-bombing woman.. I would’ve left too.

  5. NICE loot at TJ Maxx! That’s awesome! I totally want to work out after I buy workout clothes. . . it’s motivating and quite frankly, I could always use another excuse to shop!

    I think Buddy’s ear adds character! He’s SO CUTE!

  6. Ahh what a cutie pie puppy!!! And good job with your workout! I am glad you were able to surprise yourself. Seems like a huge success to me!

  7. At least you BUY workout clothes and then workout because you bought some. Me, on the other hand, has not bought workout clothes in forever (like at least a year…no jokes), so sometimes I’m so unmotivated because of my clothing. Or I’m tired. Or I’m lazy. Or I’m hungry. Or all three…ok so really I guess I can’t blame the workout clothes hahaha

    Buddy’s a-friggen-dorable.

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