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Just dropping in…

Well, I finally ran again. Monday night I hit up the gym for the 7 mile run that should have been completed on Saturday. Better late than never right? Right?


Today was work, work, work. Then around 4:30 Ryne and I drove to meet our mortgage broker at his office. We discussed making an offer on the third house from this weekend’s house hunting adventure. We’ll see how it goes! There is a huge knot in my stomach just talking about it.

The huge knot could also be dinner, though. I just stuffed my face with a “homemade” BBQ pita pizza. I topped a pita with BBQ sauce, onions, zucchini, mozzarella, and colby jack and popped it in the oven. Perfect lazy dinner after such a busy day…


And seriously I have nothing else to talk about. Because my brain is fried. I do have some requests, though. Will someone please:

1.) teach me how to take pictures so that I can quit using Instagram on my phone?

2.) buy me a new camera and a light box (or make it daylight all the time, whichever is easier)?

3.) force me to start following my half marathon plan? It’s getting ridiculous. I’ve pretty much done the opposite of anything I’d planned.

4.) convince me to use up all the produce in my fridge? Also… getting ridiculous.

5.) pray for my grandma. She starts chemo this week. (FYI, this is my only serious request! I know y’all will do this for me, because y’all are off the chain!)

Stay tuned, because tomorrow is Wedding Wednesday. I know, I know… you could care less. I’m sorry, but I love reliving it! Smile


House Hunting Increases My Alcohol Intake

I’m completely skipping over Friday because…

A.) Nothing exciting happened other than one of my students bringing in a live scorpion. I kid you not. I posted the photo to Instagram and I don’t feel the need to post it twice. I don’t want to relive that hell.

B.) I had a protein shake for breakfast, pretty plain ass pasta for lunch, and a leftover tofu burrito for dinner. It was a sad day… But I did manage to eat fairly healthy so that’s a win in my book.

C.) I can’t think of another reason. I just feel like I needed a “C” in the list.

Saturday morning I made a pancake breakfast with a side of “cottage cheesecake.” I seriously can’t stop eating this stuff.


We needed the fuel for house hunting! It took longer than we had planned and we had to push lunch back. Thank God for pistachios…


We ended up looking at 5 houses and would only even consider three of them. The other two would need a lot of work and we just don’t have the time for that right now.

House Number 1: Awesome backyard. Kitchen needs a lot of work. Doesn’t really “flow.” Did I mention awesome backyard?

We loved the hardwood floors in the main living area, but the space felt pretty cramped to us.


I hated the kitchen with a serious passion. It doesn’t look that bad from the pictures, though. Just trust me on this one.


Awesome. Enough said.


Creepy. Enough said.


House Number Two: Backyard needs work. Recently renovated kitchen. Bangin’ master bedroom.

The main living area in this house is identical to the first house. It just has carpet and a fireplace. The kitchen was recently renovated and is much more user-friendly than the first kitchen. It just isn’t exactly my taste.


The master bedroom is ridiculous. You can tell they put a lot of work into making it look as nice as possible.


And it doesn’t hurt that it leads to a huge Jacuzzi. Could be nice!


The backyard is a decent size, we would just have to add a fence pretty quickly for the Budster to have a place to play!


House Number Three: Brand new show home. Fenced (but small)backyard. Open floor plan.

This is by far my favorite of the three. I can’t help but want a “move-in ready” home. I’m lazy like that. View from the kitchen:


The kitchen has an awesome layout, but I’d still have to change a few things (appliance-wise) eventually. View from the living room:


The backyard is nice, but is actually smaller than this picture leads you to believe. It’s pretty cramped!


Overall, I’m not sure what to think! I don’t want to base our decision on new vs. old because the older homes we looked at could be renovated pretty easily. There is so much to think about!!

After checking out houses all day, I was ready for some grub! Japanese, please…



After showering (all but one of the houses we looked at today didn’t have air at the time, I was sweating my ass off!) we headed to our friend Jake’s for some college football!


I probably drank a few too many beers last night, but that’s only because house hunting drove me to it. It’s pretty stressful!


There were too many good games on in one night! We had to get creative. (By the way, the SEC pretty much dominated this weekend… except for the Dawgs! Winking smile Oh well, at least we won… even if it wasn’t our best performance.)


Everyone else had burgers and hot dogs for dinner. Jake was so thoughtful and boiled me some skrimps! This plate lacks some color, eh?


We even let Buddy join us and he managed to make a new friend. This is honestly the first dog that has even let Buddy near it. My son is not popular at all!


Now Ryne and I are getting ready to show our parents two of the houses that we liked the most. We want some outside opinions! Then at some point, I’d better get out there and run 7 miles. I have neglected running lately, but I need to make sure I continue to run my “long” runs each weekend!

A Day in the Life…

…of an Instagram addict. You really can’t take very flattering food pictures when you eat most of your meals in the dark (before 6 am… shoot me) or in a dingy classroom. Enter Instagram. I feel like it makes my iPhone pictures a little less crappy and a little more happy. Smile 

Breakfast was inspired by my cottage cheesecake experience yesterday morning. I had 1/3 cup rolled oats with 1/3 cup Scottish oats mixed with half a scoop of strawberry protein powder and a huge heaping of cinnamon… topped with cottage cheese and frozen strawberries. It was SO good.


Mid-morning snack: Half of an English muffin with peanut butter. I had the other half after lunch. Had to get my carbs in since I only packed a salad again for lunch today.


Lunch:  Salad with mixed greens, shredded cheese, red pepper, tomato, jalapeño, and salsa. I added a boiled egg again today for some protein. If I don’t get enough, I turn into a grumpy assface. That is a technical term by the way.


After school snack: The tiniest apple I’ve ever seen. Buddy had one, too. My son is such a healthy eater.



Speaking of Buddy, I drop him off every single morning at my grandma’s. She watches him while Ryne and I are at work. He is so damn spoiled. It’s ridiculous. It’s also ridiculous that he insists on riding in my lap when I pick him up.


The drive is about 40 minutes and he always makes himself comfortable. Little pervert.


After I  got Buddy home “safely” (seriously how safe is it to drive with a puppy in your lap? he’s a bit cumbersome), it was time for a meeting with a mortgage broker. Ryne and I felt like little kids sitting in his big leather chairs as we grasped about a 1/3 of what he was telling us. Seriously, start talking math and money and I zone out. I did catch the tail end of the conversation… and it looks like we’ll be able to get the type of house we want. Obviously a celebration was in order.

We started by getting our grub on at Moe’s. Tofu and bean burrito for me! I think they sprinkle crack on their tofu. It’s that good.


I continued my celebration with a little bubbly… of the soda variety. Does anyone remember making “suicides” when they were younger? You know, a little bit of every single freaking soda. Well I relived my childhood by mixing peach, vanilla, and regular sprite. It tasted pretty good until I realized it was making me nauseous. Way, way too sweet. The machine was intense, though. These are new around here:


We are just waiting for Jersey Shore to come on hanging out right now and I’m craving an actual  big girl drink. I mean, it is Jersday after all! How are you celebrating? Winking smile