House Hunting Increases My Alcohol Intake

I’m completely skipping over Friday because…

A.) Nothing exciting happened other than one of my students bringing in a live scorpion. I kid you not. I posted the photo to Instagram and I don’t feel the need to post it twice. I don’t want to relive that hell.

B.) I had a protein shake for breakfast, pretty plain ass pasta for lunch, and a leftover tofu burrito for dinner. It was a sad day… But I did manage to eat fairly healthy so that’s a win in my book.

C.) I can’t think of another reason. I just feel like I needed a “C” in the list.

Saturday morning I made a pancake breakfast with a side of “cottage cheesecake.” I seriously can’t stop eating this stuff.


We needed the fuel for house hunting! It took longer than we had planned and we had to push lunch back. Thank God for pistachios…


We ended up looking at 5 houses and would only even consider three of them. The other two would need a lot of work and we just don’t have the time for that right now.

House Number 1: Awesome backyard. Kitchen needs a lot of work. Doesn’t really “flow.” Did I mention awesome backyard?

We loved the hardwood floors in the main living area, but the space felt pretty cramped to us.


I hated the kitchen with a serious passion. It doesn’t look that bad from the pictures, though. Just trust me on this one.


Awesome. Enough said.


Creepy. Enough said.


House Number Two: Backyard needs work. Recently renovated kitchen. Bangin’ master bedroom.

The main living area in this house is identical to the first house. It just has carpet and a fireplace. The kitchen was recently renovated and is much more user-friendly than the first kitchen. It just isn’t exactly my taste.


The master bedroom is ridiculous. You can tell they put a lot of work into making it look as nice as possible.


And it doesn’t hurt that it leads to a huge Jacuzzi. Could be nice!


The backyard is a decent size, we would just have to add a fence pretty quickly for the Budster to have a place to play!


House Number Three: Brand new show home. Fenced (but small)backyard. Open floor plan.

This is by far my favorite of the three. I can’t help but want a “move-in ready” home. I’m lazy like that. View from the kitchen:


The kitchen has an awesome layout, but I’d still have to change a few things (appliance-wise) eventually. View from the living room:


The backyard is nice, but is actually smaller than this picture leads you to believe. It’s pretty cramped!


Overall, I’m not sure what to think! I don’t want to base our decision on new vs. old because the older homes we looked at could be renovated pretty easily. There is so much to think about!!

After checking out houses all day, I was ready for some grub! Japanese, please…



After showering (all but one of the houses we looked at today didn’t have air at the time, I was sweating my ass off!) we headed to our friend Jake’s for some college football!


I probably drank a few too many beers last night, but that’s only because house hunting drove me to it. It’s pretty stressful!


There were too many good games on in one night! We had to get creative. (By the way, the SEC pretty much dominated this weekend… except for the Dawgs! Winking smile Oh well, at least we won… even if it wasn’t our best performance.)


Everyone else had burgers and hot dogs for dinner. Jake was so thoughtful and boiled me some skrimps! This plate lacks some color, eh?


We even let Buddy join us and he managed to make a new friend. This is honestly the first dog that has even let Buddy near it. My son is not popular at all!


Now Ryne and I are getting ready to show our parents two of the houses that we liked the most. We want some outside opinions! Then at some point, I’d better get out there and run 7 miles. I have neglected running lately, but I need to make sure I continue to run my “long” runs each weekend!


13 responses to “House Hunting Increases My Alcohol Intake

  1. I really like the look of the 3rd one (I’m pretty lazy too I guess)! I’ve been craving pumpkin beer lately and I haven’t bought it yet… I’ve never tried the blue moon yet. I should get on that.. tonight maybe. 🙂

    • It was decent, but definitely not my favorite pumpkin beer! I’m leaning towards the third one as well, haha I really don’t want to have to start renovated a house right now… I’m swamped as it is!

  2. I’ve been neglecting long run like the plague, but pulled one out this week, so now I have to next week!

    I like the place with the pool too…it’s hard to not like it, I get it. I think we’re going to look at a place tomorrow. Dumb me would have never thought to take pictures. Good thing you house hunted first 😉

  3. House hunting is hard! Remember though – not everything has to be perfect when you move in. Making it your own is half the fun 🙂

    • That’s true… I need to get my Martha Stewart on! I can’t wait to decorate… let’s just hope everything falls into place and we actually become homeowners soon

  4. I’m all for the 2nd! I think once Buddy gets bigger you’re going to want a bigger yard… and think how fun renovating the kitchen would be… helloooo granite and stainless steel appliances!

  5. I’m a gamecock fan too! I graduated back in ’07 🙂 I’m a fan of new houses, so I’m for the 3rd one. And a day of house hunting definitely warrants a couple beers, as well as the first half play of the gamecocks! Def needed a drink to get through that!

  6. I know, they had me sweatin’ in the first half! I honestly couldn’t even look at the TV at all during the first quarter… thankfully they pulled it off haha that’s the life of a Gamecock fan, though… Frustrating!

  7. Cutie pie puppies! Those houses all look really nice…the third kitchen looks beautiful but that pool looks awesome, too! What a tough yet exciting decision!!

  8. your title literally made me laugh out loud. love your recap of house hunting and hope you find and get exactly what you are looking for. really loving reading your blog and getting to know you! you are gorgeous!
    check out my blog

  9. Oh that kitchen in house 3!!! Talk about heaven!!!

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