Just dropping in…

Well, I finally ran again. Monday night I hit up the gym for the 7 mile run that should have been completed on Saturday. Better late than never right? Right?


Today was work, work, work. Then around 4:30 Ryne and I drove to meet our mortgage broker at his office. We discussed making an offer on the third house from this weekend’s house hunting adventure. We’ll see how it goes! There is a huge knot in my stomach just talking about it.

The huge knot could also be dinner, though. I just stuffed my face with a “homemade” BBQ pita pizza. I topped a pita with BBQ sauce, onions, zucchini, mozzarella, and colby jack and popped it in the oven. Perfect lazy dinner after such a busy day…


And seriously I have nothing else to talk about. Because my brain is fried. I do have some requests, though. Will someone please:

1.) teach me how to take pictures so that I can quit using Instagram on my phone?

2.) buy me a new camera and a light box (or make it daylight all the time, whichever is easier)?

3.) force me to start following my half marathon plan? It’s getting ridiculous. I’ve pretty much done the opposite of anything I’d planned.

4.) convince me to use up all the produce in my fridge? Also… getting ridiculous.

5.) pray for my grandma. She starts chemo this week. (FYI, this is my only serious request! I know y’all will do this for me, because y’all are off the chain!)

Stay tuned, because tomorrow is Wedding Wednesday. I know, I know… you could care less. I’m sorry, but I love reliving it! Smile


7 responses to “Just dropping in…

  1. I would LOVE a light-box … my house has horrible natural light 😦 Maybe in the next house it will be better! I want a new lens for my camera…and a lens hood. Geez this is an expensive hobby haha.

    Good luck with your offer!

  2. While I would be no help for many of the other requests, I will definitely be sending prayers to you and your family!!

  3. I need that camera help too.. I struggle! Hah! Wait till you see my horrible pics for tomorrow’s WIAW!

    Positive thoughts and prayers to you and your grandmother!

  4. Will pray for the grandmother, I can do that one! 🙂 As for the daylight all the time, I’d be okay with that. This getting darker earlier thing is ridiculous! HATE IT!!! ….Your pizza is looking pretty tasty! Mmmm!

  5. Praying for your grandma!! ❤

    I'm pretty darn excited for Wedding Wednesday! 🙂

  6. Woot! Good workout. I was suppose to run 10 miles tonight, but sadly it didn’t happen. So if it doesn’t happen again tomorrow morning, a virtual punch from you is necessary in next comment!

    Prayers for your grandma!

  7. Prayers. Lots and lots of prayers!

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