Orlando: We came, we saw, we ate!

This week is winter break for my students, which means I have the week off as well! Ahh-mazing. I’m currently taking up residence on my parents’ couch, because they have internet and cable. (We do not. Upsetting? You bet ‘cha.)

I figured this would be a good opportunity to catch you all up on our lil’ weekend adventure to Orlando, Florida. We decided to go on a whim, had no actual plan of attack, and had a very random trip as a result. Always prepared, I’m tellin’ ya. Instead of rambling away about the entire weekend, I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking (I can’t be expected just to sit here quietly, now can I?).

Baby belly at 21 weeks and 3 days:

Watching Ryne shop (yes, it was a blast to not fit into anything myself):

Sweet, sweet torture:

After-shopping drinks at City Walk (for Ryne, I had water… definitely not the same as last year’s trip to Margaritaville):

I could enjoy the fried pickles, though ;):

Lunch time at Bubba Gump’s:

Shared this beauty:

Rested by the pool:

Dinner time! (once again, not the same as last year’s trip to Benihana):

I did have the same handsome date (plus a bonus kitty… score!):


Early morning fish feeding:

Sea World called, they want their whale back:

Eating again, so soon? Tropical Smoothie Cafe:

Grubbed out on the Hummus Veggie:

We didn’t need to hit up the parks during our stay, because we had our very own tower of terror. Nothing on them worked! Frightening:

If you have nightmares, I apologize:

Best meal of the trip! Waiting for our table at Texas de Brazil:

The Gauchos (or “Grouchos” as Ryne kept calling them) bring all kinds of beef, pork, lamb, and chicken around to the tables.

They also offer the salad bar only option, which I chose (and subsequently dominated). Plate one of about a million:

Sides included cheese bread, garlic mashed potatoes, and bananas. (I dipped the cheese bread into their lobster bisque and considered setting up camp and never leaving):

Were we stuffed? Yes. Is there always room for dessert? Indeed!:

I’m not sure if this is a baby-baby or a food-baby:

Stopped for lunch on the drive home:

Mushroom “burger” from Bubba Gump’s. Yes, we went to two different locations on this trip. No one ever said we were normal:

Beach view:

Decided to stop for warm drinks, because it was absolutely freezing in Daytona. I got a Frappuccino. Remember, I’m not normal:

And to conclude my re-cap, I will leave you with this:


3 responses to “Orlando: We came, we saw, we ate!

  1. You look like you’re absolutely glowing! You’d never know you were pregnant except for your belly – lucky girl – I hope I end up that way some day too!

  2. Har har, to the whale comment. I’m afraid that I actually WILL balloon up everywhere…unlike YOU!!! I would kill to go to Orlando right now. Since I’m back in school it’s been all work, but now I have this week off too, but the hubby is working. Damn him!

    PS – Glad you’re (sort of ;)) back
    PPS – I’m thinking of changing my blog…I hope we can still be friends lol

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