Baby Update + Wedding Wednesday

I know I just announced my pregnancy, but I’m already nearing the 22nd week. I guess I should post a little update before I get too far behind. The next thing you know, I’ll be posting my birthing experience (eeek!).

Ryne and I found out relatively early on in the game that we were expecting. I just knew something was up. I started testing well over a week before I missed my period, and a few days later… BAM! There it was:

At first, we were pretty shocked. We weren’t actively trying (we just stopped actively trying to prevent it). We knew it was in the realm of possibilities, but we never imagined it would happen so quickly! I immediately made an appointment and at 8 weeks, we saw this beautiful baby… which looks almost nothing like a baby. It’s funny how fast you can fall in love with a little beating heart.

We told our families Thanksgiving weekend after our first appointment. Our families were excited, but almost everyone was in disbelief. After all, we had only just had our wedding in June! The next few weeks were a blur of work, morning sickness, and regular check-ups. Finally, in January, we were able to see our lil’ boo again! We had our anatomy scan at 18 weeks, and SO much had changed since our last ultrasound. This time he looked a lot more like a real baby :)! And we found out that he was, in fact, a HE!

We also got a sneak peak of him in 3d/4d, which was so fun. I think he looks like me ;)!

Other than morning sickness from 8-18 weeks (which I hope is over…), I’ve had no real issues from a health stand-point. The main problem I’ve had is a complete depletion of my self-esteem. When it comes to feeling attractive, I’m running on empty. I hope this is normal and that I can get over it soon, but I’m struggling!

And to further torture myself, let’s take a look back at my wedding! Nothing like a good trip down memory lane to remind myself that I couldn’t fit in that dress right now if tried. 😉

Ryne and I got married at the Rose Hill Estate in Aiken, South Carolina. It served as the perfect backdrop for some action shots of the girls getting dolled up, the boys getting their model on, and of course all of those pretty little “extra” shots of the accessories!

more wedding makeup

getting ready fun

wedding dress 2

wedding ryne's suit

wedding bouquets

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6 responses to “Baby Update + Wedding Wednesday

  1. Beautiful photos – I love the “getting ready” shots.

  2. Your photos really are so awesome! One of my hubby’s friend’s just got engaged and their definitely getting married in South Carolina, so I cannot wait to get down there for a wedding next May!

    I can’t believe you’re 22 weeks!!!

  3. I’m pretty sure we have the same wedding ring… or mine is very, very similar! 🙂

  4. Were your colors pink and green? That’s what mine are too 🙂

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