Pounding the Pavement

Yeah, I pounded it alright… similar to how an elephant would I suppose. I’m sure I looked hilarious.

Yesterday afternoon I stuffed my huge belly into my pre-pregnancy workout gear, laced up, and hit the road. It felt SO good to get outside again. There really isn’t anything in the world like running, in my opinion. It just feels good. I missed it! I ran two slow miles and walked a little to warm up/cool down. I noticed that my hand kept gravitating toward my belly while I ran. Is that normal? It’s like I subconsciously wanted to hold it in place. Odd.

Run number 1 in the books. Now I just have to keep it up! It’s funny how hitting “publish” can give you the motivation you need to get up and get out there. I just posted yesterday morning about my lack of exercise while pregnant. I guess it was just the kick in the butt I needed. I’m going to try to run at least a couple times a week now. I will be much, much happier… I can already tell.

Prior to my run, I decided that I better fuel up if I was going to actually survive. Breakfast was an egg scramble with basil and tomato. Served up next to a slice of whole wheat toast with goat cheese.

Apparently my cravings for basil, tomato, pine nuts, and goat cheese were not completely satisfied… because I included them in my lunch as well. Wednesday night I made a simple pasta dish and devoured the leftovers for lunch. Some people hate leftovers. I love them something serious. I don’t get bored with flavors easily (obviously). The cheese gets all nice and creamy when you stir it up. Is it possible to OD on cheese? I feel like I could. (There isn’t a huge amount of brain power behind this dish, but I’ll post the recipe soon…)

And as if that wasn’t enough, I also had a few Kashi Island Vanilla cereal squares dipped in peanut butter. Which I think someone might have been jealous of…

Dinner was inspired by my pre-run snack. Bring on the PB! Seriously this is how I eat now. One meal just gets me thinking of the next… I repeat ingredients like it’s my job! Thankfully I don’t have a food blog, because I would bore the pants off of you. Is that even an expression?! Anyway, dinner was a banana roll-up with honey, cinnamon, and mountains of peanut butter… All warm and gooey-fied. Odd dinner choice, but it was goooooood!

Overall, I’d say yesterday was a successful “get back on track” day if I do say so myself. Let’s hope I can make today just as good!


7 responses to “Pounding the Pavement

  1. Good Job on the run. The only places I run too are the bathroom and the fridge. And that banana and peanut butter roll up looks so yummy


  2. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    I’m so glad you were able to run! Seriously, sometimes exercise is just such a much-needed mood-lifter, and its awesome that you got your fix.

    Is it really different running while you’re pregnant?

  3. Yay, for getting out there. I went on the treadmill, which sucks – cannot wait for spring and being outside. Winter and snow just doesn’t cut it for this runner! Gawwwd, I love pb…you don’t even need to roll it up in anything, on a spoon is fine by me!

    How is it running with a belly? Do you find it feels super different from before or just kind of?? I’m interested!!!

  4. I am very impressed that you still get out there and run! And I feel as though I am always looking to my next meal as well. I always am debating what I am going to make!!

  5. Looks like a tasty dinner to me! Just found your blog btw 🙂

  6. Glad your back to blogging! Congrats on your super exciting news!!!!

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