Baby M: 23 Weeks

It’s March already, and I really can’t believe it. Happy 23-weeks, Baby M! I know I’m going to keep saying this each week, but time is flying by!

Please excuse my work clothes, half-sodded backyard, photo-bombing dog, poor photo quality, and terrible lighting. 😉

What is baby up to? According to MSN Health, “Even though fat is beginning to accumulate on your baby’s body, the skin still hangs loosely, giving your baby a wrinkled appearance. Your baby’s daily workout routine includes moving the muscles in the fingers, toes, arms, and legs regularly. As a result, you may feel more forceful movements.” He is probably about 11.5 inches and weighs over a pound. Grow, grow, grow!

I picture him in there looking like a little old man and I find that hilarious. I also love how it describes his “workouts” now since I’m finally able to get moving as well! Last week Ryne was able to start feeling the baby kicking (and punching!) regularly. This week I can see my belly jumping all over the place. Freaky!

Weeks: 23 weeks

Total Weight Gain: Unknown! Probably still around 22-23 total. Yes, I’m a growing machine.

My Body: I’m feeling better each day. Still no stretch marks, contractions, missing belly button, or any other annoyances. I feel like I haven’t changed much from last week.

Maternity Clothes: I’m still able to get by with my pre-pregnancy blouses and t-shirts, but I’m now realizing I HAVE to get new workout gear soon. I have one pair of shorts that still fits, and my sports bras are a joke!

Cravings: HOT SAUCE, avocados, and eggs… oh my gosh, I need to start eating them together now.

Sleep: Last week, I mentioned that I’d been having trouble sleeping. A main issue for me had been nerve pain in my legs while sleeping, but that has subsided some now that I’ve been running again. Definitely a big plus!

Baby Items Bought/Received: My cousin gave us an Under Armour baby hoodie. It might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

Best Baby Moment:

Goals: I would love to be able to take another trip before Baby M arrives. We went to Orlando last week, but it was such a short trip. It really made me desperate for another vacation. Unfortunately, I doubt Ryne will be able to take any time off. So, maybe a weekend trip to the beach when it warms up will take place. Let’s hope!

Worries: Now that I’m getting further along, the realities of having a baby are starting to hit me. I’m worried about the birth, breastfeeding, you name it! I’m guessing this is totally normal. I’m also ready to get the house ready for him. It’s not quite crunch-time yet, but I’m feeling the pressure!


6 responses to “Baby M: 23 Weeks

  1. Madeline @ Food, Fitness, and Family

    Grow baby grow!! And your beach trip may have to be a weekend trip to Savannah … 😉

    The anxieties you are starting to have are so completely normal! If you want to chat breastfeeding let me know! We are still exclusively breastfeeding at 5 months 🙂

  2. Such a cute picture with the Budster resting on your belly. Love the updates. I’m on such a baby rollercoaster right now – one minute I’m ready, the next I’m not…I’m not right now lol.

  3. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

    It’s so great that you’re doing these updates! They will be precious to look back on once he arrives 🙂

  4. Eggs and hot sauce make a fabulous combination! And Buddy photobombing is hilarious! hahaha You look amazing, though, and so happy! 🙂

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