Help Wanted: Interior Designer

After sharing a few photos of our gym yesterday, I really thought about how much I dislike it! I would equate working out in there to working out in a hospital/torture chamber. It’s so plain it looks clinical, and most of the equipment is so cheap or old that it’s probably dangerous. The treadmill randomly shuts down, the weight bench is as stable as a drunk girl in heels, and the bike doesn’t have a working screen.

I’m ready to put some effort into making our gym more user-friendly. Once the baby arrives, it would be nice to be able to get in all our workouts at the house! The only problem is that the rest of the house needs decorating and furnishing as well. We are working with a totally blank slate.

Several months ago, Ryne and I started the process of looking for a house. House-hunting went well. We found a few we liked, but we fell in love with one. We went back and forth making offers, but we did not end up getting our “dream home”. However, we ended up speaking to the builder about a lot down the street. We weren’t sure we would like the process of building, but I’m so glad we made that decision! We actually built the mirror image of the house we bid on, but we got to make all of the decisions during the building process. It worked out really well! We got to change all the little things we hadn’t been completely sold on in the original home. We also got a better lot, so we are more than happy with our decision. I’ve heard horror stories about building, but I haven’t regretted it once.

The only thing that I dislike about the house we chose: Walls. Big walls. Big, blank walls. I need help, y’all! I’ll post my sad, boring rooms, and maybe someone out there will have some suggestions!

Our Bedroom

A light bedspread was a bad choice. It’s so blah in there, I can’t even take it.

We haven’t even finished staining the dresser. We’ve got a long way to go, folks. I know you like the addition of the bunny ears as well. No cable for us yet…

Baby M’s Room

I think we are going to go with a baseball theme, but I clearly haven’t started.

Guest Bedroom

This is one of the only rooms that I’ve even attempted to decorate. I stress the word attempted, because I’m clearly not done. I just threw a bunch of wedding items in there. Still no curtains or anything on the walls.

Living Room

Ohy, hey, another empty space. We haven’t even finished furnishing this room, much less started to decorate it. This is the room that needs the most help, because it’s the room our guests will spend the most time in! And yes, that is another TV without cable. Makes a lot of sense, right?


This is the room I spend a lot of time in… so it needs to be cute! The only difficulty with decorating the kitchen is that it is open to the living room. They need to look nice together without being too “matchy-matchy”.

Dining Room

I have absolutely no ideas for this room. None. Nada. I don’t even like the color of the walls, and I picked the paint out. That’s just sad.


Welcome to my personal hell. LOOK HOW PLAIN IT IS!

As you can see, I have a lot of work to do. I feel very uninspired! I’m one of those people that has to tackle small tasks to get a job done… and I have no idea where to start. If y’all have ANY ideas, I’d love to hear them. From color schemes to photo and art placement. I’d even love to hear where you all have found neat things for your homes! Thank you in advance! 🙂


11 responses to “Help Wanted: Interior Designer

  1. I know what you mean. My last apartment had huge walls that when I first saw it made me happy, but when it came time to decorate made me panicky. If you aren’t on I suggest logging on (I can send you an invite) to at least give you a starting place. I LOVE all the colors of wood that you picked, the kitchen already looks amazing! Maybe in one of the rooms you could paint an accent wall a color that pops to give it a different feel? Drapes also help with the problem of big walls.

  2. Are you on Pinterest? SO many good ideas on there! There are great room ideas, as well as color palettes & framing arrangement ideas… seriously, endless resources!

    • I have a Pinterest account, but just logging in there overwhelms me. There is so much stuff on there that I get nervous haha all of it looks so cute! It’s hard to choose.

  3. We have nothing decorated either, but sadly ours is a vey small space so I have no excuse for not having it nice! I think I love your house – especially your kitchen. I thought I knew a thing or two about interior design, but I definitely do not (my pictures are even more embarrassing than yours and yours aren’t even CLOSE to being embarrassing!)

    • If you like my kitchen… Come cook for me in it! 😉 haha but I never realized how much work it takes to decorate a house. It’s going to take me YEARS!

  4. An empty slate..that’s like a decorators dream! I think you first have to figure out your style. Do you like more modern, traditional, or transitional style? Also figure what type of colors you love. Are you more of a bright colors or light colors.person. From what I see in the pictures, it seems like most of what you have is more traditional style. The dining room especially is very traditional. Once you figure out your style.. start Googling, and see what you like out there. Create a pin board for each room of your house to keep things organized.. Once you get a general feel for what you want, start shopping!
    Don’t try to decorate everything all at once, and only buy things that you absolutely love.

    That’s my advice. 🙂

    Good Luck

  5. I wish I could help ya, but I stink at those things!!! Your house looks amazing though…especially that kitchen! And I am sure that rocking chair will come in handy soon enough 🙂

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