Workout Plan for the Win

Lately I’ve been thinking about creating some type of workout plan for myself. It has always helped me before, so why not have one during pregnancy? Part of the problem for me when I start to slack off is a lack of direction. A plan would give me something I could refer to in order to keep myself on track.

Not to mention, one of the most gratifying things in the world is checking things off of a list. What, you don’t agree? I am a checking-off fiend. It just feels good! I must rarely accomplish things, because when I do I feel like a freaking bad-mother-youknowwhat-er.

Hopefully this plan will keep me focused, but I also hope it motivates me to keep on trucking as my belly grows!

As you can see, it is a very non-specific plan. Cardio could mean walking, running, swimming… anything that gets me moving! My lower body days will consist of squats, leg lifts, and other light weight exercises. The upper body days will be much more varied. I can focus on shoulders, biceps, triceps… basically all the things I did pre-pregnancy. Core work will be very relaxed, and it will probably include a few planks and other exercises that keep me off of my back. In addition to this chart, I’m also going to print weekly charts. This is mainly because I want to be able to check workouts off as I go!

I plan on sharing more details as I develop workouts for myself. Should be fun! Do any of you have any exercises that would fit into my plan? I’d love to hear some of your brilliant ideas!

Now I’m off to BABYPALOOZA with a friend. I’m hoping it is as awesome as it sounds. Our local Babies’R’Us is also having some sort of expo, so I might stop by there after that. Then later this afternoon I’ll be heading to a baby shower for a family friend. Let’s just say I’ll definitely have babies on the brain all day!


4 responses to “Workout Plan for the Win

  1. I love lists too. It’s just so satisfying putting the checkmark down. I just did up a whole whiteboard with all the school projects I have left before the semester is over – let’s just say there are more unchecked boxes than checked boxes at the moment, and I really wish that would change…QUICK!

    Have a baby-filled fun day (tacky, I know, right?)

  2. I am definitely a list-maker!

    Do you like group exercise classes? I know people who have taken spin classes well into their 9th month & my BodyPump instructor is currently pregnant.

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