WIAW + Wedding Wednesday

It’s Wednesday again, and that means it’s time for my third “What I Ate Wednesday”! In honor of the impending holiday, I thought a  St. Patrick’s Day themed post would be the way to go. This WIAW is filled with things over-the-top green!

Of course, I would start my day off with a cold, green beer. I know, beer for breakfast… sounds like a great idea, right? I agree.


Obviously I’d need some real food as well, so I’d make a batch of these beauties. Served up with green eggs, of course.


Pea Soup for lunch… and of course more green beer. Always more green beer!


I doubt I’d actually make it to dinner at this rate… No need to dream up a green eat! And now that I’ve sufficiently wasted enough of my time searching the internet for green food, I’ll post something green I actually did eat recently.

The other night, I made spinach and bean quesadillas (in spinach wraps no less). They were freakin’ fabulous! I just sauteed cook blacked beans, garlic, fresh spinach, onions, jalepenos, red peppers, and about a million spices before adding in some cheese. I let it all get melty and delicious before spreading it onto a wrap, folding it over, and browning both sides. Easy! This will definitely be a repeat dinner. 🙂

Now if I could just actually have a green beer. Actually, just a beer would be nice! Speaking of drinking, it’s time to recap our wedding reception! After taking loads of family and group photos, everyone (but us!) headed inside for the food and drinks. Ryne and I had to go sign our lives away! 😉

A little while later, the bridal party was announced and we finally got to join in on the fun! The bridal party came in to Bruno Mars’ “Marry You”. It was such a fun song to dance to!

Ryne and I had our first dance to Dave Matthews Band’s “You & Me”. It was an nontraditional choice, but it worked out perfectly for us!

The rest of the night was filled with dancing, drinks, and dessert! I had actually tried to eat a plate of real food, but ended up dropping my fork on the ground. In what was clearly a moment of clarity, I just chucked my plate and kept drinking. Not sure if it was a good call. 😉 I did eat two  cupcakes later, so I guess that counts.  Our top cake tier was red velvet with cream cheese, but the cupcakes were white chocolate raspberry, lemonade, strawberry, and other assorted fruit flavors. They tasted as good as they look!

Okay, I’ll move on now… to more dancing! Seriously, I don’t think I sat down (or calmed down) for more than 5 minutes the whole night. In my  defense, everyone else was hopped up on liquor and icing, too!

There were even hula hoops involved. I know. But it seemed right at the time!

Somewhere in there we had the toasts and speeches. My MOH, Mal, gave the sweetest speech, and Ryne’s best man, Andy, gave the funniest one! I hope someone has them on video somewhere! (Side note: Hire a videographer!)

After more dancing, shots were to be had! (I just remember my dad asking me several times if I was sure I needed a shot. Of course, Dad, I only have to be up in five hours to fly to my honeymoon.)

Then we tossed the garter and bouquet. These are some of my favorite pictures from any wedding. People turn into animals!

A little while later, it was time to call it a night. I was depressed when the DJ played the last song and said it was time to march on out! I wasn’t about to leave before taking a few more pictures, though!

We were officially Mr. and Mrs.!


6 responses to “WIAW + Wedding Wednesday

  1. Bahaha those hula hoop pictures are awesome! What a fun idea! 🙂

  2. Love the wedding recap! I had the same sentiments at the end of our wedding. All that planning; it’s so sad to see it end!

  3. Love when more pics get posted! Don’t you just want to go back to your wedding day? I wish it never ended. We had a ‘modern’ first dance song too…along with all the other songs! What the bridesmaids/groomsmen walked down the aisle to, what I walked down the aisle to and what played after we were officially married!

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