Baby M: 25 Weeks

25 seems like such a big number! We’re getting close to the third trimester. That’s crazy! Baby M is growing like a weed.


What’s up with baby? According to MSN Health, “You may notice your baby has resting and alert periods. You’ll notice fetal activity more when you are more sedentary. Your baby’s hearing has continued to develop, too – he or she may be able to hear your voice!” I hope he can hear me, but I do feel bad for him. I sing – a lot – and it is not pleasant!

Weeks: 25

Total Weight Gain: Unknown! I’d say at least 25 at this point! Eek!

My Body: I’m feeling pretty good! I still have (most of) my bellybutton, but I’m starting to see some faint lines on my belly. I can’t tell if they are stretch marks or veins, though.

Maternity Clothes: I’m starting to get very creative with my outfits! Things are definitely starting to fit differently.

Cravings: Lemon (sour) and hot sauce (spicy), although usually not together!


Sleep: Through some miracle, I’ve been sleeping until 4! Then I fall back asleep from 5-6. 🙂

Baby Items Bought/Received: We were given another Under Armour item… A little t-shirt! He also now has some new baseball gear: sunglasses, a wristband, and socks. So stinking cute!


Best Baby Moment: I’ve started to feel his hickups, and they are the funniest/sweetest little things I’ve ever felt. He’s becoming a real person in there!

Goals: Continue to workout several times a week! So far, so good. I’ve only skipped once, and it was because of cramps. They suck.

Worries: I worry about losing quality time with Ryne, but I know it will just be different! And that’s okay. We’ll be having quality family time soon!


5 responses to “Baby M: 25 Weeks

  1. You are looking amazing! And how adorable is that little under armor shirt!! Too too cute! 🙂 So excited for you!

  2. Awww the baby clothes are so cute…as they usually are lol. You can feel the hiccups…that is pretty spectacular. This whole pregnancy thing is CRAZY!!!! haha

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