St. Patrick’s Day: Old Folk’s Style

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! I have to admit, this has been my most tame one yet. I “celebrated” with my students yesterday. We colored. I made a card for Ryne. A few years ago, I started making him hand-made cards for holidays and special occasions… And I can’t quit. They are usually tacky, filled with a ridiculous poem, and made of construction paper. Deep down he loves them… I hope. šŸ™‚


Last night, Ryne and I had plans to complete an upper body workout. However, my parents invited us to dinner. Priorities, people! After dinner, we went to Costco. We just cannot change the fact that we want to be 80 years old.


When we first arrived, we were still planning to get in a workout when we got home. BUT we decided to shop for outdoor furniture. When Ryne and I shop for more pricy things, it turns into hours of agonizing over every detail. “Is it worth the money?” “Do we really need it?” “Do we have enough in savings?” Blah. Blah. Blah. I’m glad we are careful with money, but we really do waste a lot of our life just debating over whether to purchase something or not. Please tell me we aren’t the only ones! In the end, we pulled the trigger.


We bought an outdoor furniture set and a huge cup of frozen yogurt. Basically, the two most random purchases ever. Now we have a cute little back deck! We should also sod the rest of the backyard. Looks terrible, right? One thing at a time, I guess. Spring Fever has us ready to get the yard in check. If only we could decorate the inside of the house! We are so backwards.


Right now Ryne and I are fishing. Which really means he’s fishing and I’m sitting in a chair, listening to Zac Brown, eating chips, and staring off into space. Who knows, when that gets boring I might use my pretty pink fishing pole.



Later I’m off to shop for front porch furniture and outdoor pillows! Oh snap, I’m getting wild. šŸ˜‰


5 responses to “St. Patrick’s Day: Old Folk’s Style

  1. At least you guys got to enjoy today together. The least you could have done is drove to Myrtle to say hi to my hubby…sheesh šŸ˜› lol

    I felt so lonely walking around outside on my own after my run…I think Tyler should have hired a jet to get him home for me today haha

  2. We agonize over every purchase too. At the end of the day we rarely buy anything. I even held onto a $50 Ann Taylor gift card for three months to make sure I could get the best deal (3 tops!).

  3. The card idea is really cute!

    My husband & I are the same way when it comes to spending money. It looks like you made a good decision, though; the furniture looks great!

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