Baby M: 26 Weeks

We are nearing the end of the second trimester, Baby M. Get ready to grow! πŸ™‚ Seriously, time is really starting to fly by. June will be here before you know it.

What’s up with baby? According to MSN Health, “Although your baby’s eyes have been sealed shut for the last few months, they will soon open and begin to blink. Depending on ethnicity, some babies will be born with blue or gray-blue eyes (which may change color in the first year of life) and some will be born with brown or dark eyes. Eyelashes are growing in, as is more hair on the head.” He probably weighs close to two pounds and is about 14 inches. I know that’s still really small, but it seems like he is going to run out of room in there!

Weeks: 26

Total Weight Gain: I’ll update after tomorrow’s doctor’s appointment. I have a glucose test… wish me luck! (Update: I’ve officially gained 25 pounds. I think I’ve slowed down a bit, because that’s what I assumed I had gained a week or so ago.)

My Body: This week didn’t feel like a growth spurt the way some of the other weeks have. I feel about the same! No changes to report other than I now get out of breath much easier. I think he’s finally reached my rib cage!

Maternity Clothes: Still haven’t gone shopping! I’m going to look ridiculous at the race this weekend.

Cravings: Peanut butter! (Along with the usual spicy and sour.)

Sleep: I had a break for a while, but now I officially can’t sleep through the night again.

Baby Items Bought/Received: I got a few books, but I still have a strong desire to buy nursery items!

Best Baby Moment: Baby is at the point where he would probably survive outside of the womb. Pretty exciting stuff! He’s a full-fledged little human now. πŸ™‚

Goals: Get the nursery ready!

Worries: This might be random, but I’m starting to worry about the traits we will pass down to the baby. Will he be stubborn and opinionated like me? Will he be easily fixated on things (read: obsessed) like his dad? Sorry, Ryne. It’s true! I just want the best for him, but I have no idea who this little boy will grow up to be like! Let’s just hope he gets the better traits from each of us. Lord knows the world doesn’t need another child like Ryne or teenager like me. We were both out of control at different times in our lives. Oh well, we love you regardless, Baby M!


15 responses to “Baby M: 26 Weeks

  1. It’s amazing that you’re still in your normal clothes! πŸ™‚

  2. What a great post! Too funny- my boyfriend and I are the complete opposite of you two! (Me- fixated/obsessed with things… Boyfriend- stubborn and opinionated!!) But you know what? Opposites attract and you two complete one another. ❀ Your baby is going to beautiful, healthy and wonderful because it's going to be yours! You have nothing to worry about. With two loving and encouraging parents, the baby has to be wonderful! I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER! That must be the best craving. πŸ˜‰ Have you tried all natural teddie with flaxseed? You must!!!! Keep us updated! ❀

  3. You are seriously looking so cute! Do your students ask you questions or anything? I can only imagine what their little minds can think up πŸ™‚

  4. Presley, you are stunning! I love your baby bump! Your little boy is going to make you laugh every day of your life. You will love him more than ever imagined- even when he is up to no good. Boys love their mommys!

    Your craving for PB is awesome! I had that one with my daughter (her middle name is Pressley!). With my son I could not get enough chocolate milk πŸ™‚ It had to be on ice and I would fill up tumblers of it, lol.

    Can’t wait to hear all about your appt. GL this weekend!

  5. You look great! I always think the same thing about my husband & I & future children… I hope they get the best traits from both of us!

  6. I LOVE THIS! You are the prettiest thing EVER ❀

    Have you ever tried to make a spicy peanut sauce using peanut butter for a stir fry or something? πŸ˜‰

  7. char eats GREENS

    What’s baby M’s due date? My hubby’s bday is June 15th…just saying πŸ˜‰ Also, what months were you and your hubby born in?! I’m a birthday freak right now hahah

    • June 28th! My birthday is in April and Ryne’s is in May… So we’ll have a lot of shopping to due during those months in the years to come haha… when are you and your husband’s?

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