Baby’s First Concert

I just left the hospital, where I had my 1 hour glucose test. Fun Friday, huh? I slurped down the orange syrup and then spent an hour reading The Hunger Games. Yes, I’m behind on the trend. I even borrowed the book from one of my students. Pretty pathetic, I know!


I won’t know until Monday if I passed, so wish me luck! I do not want to take the 3 hour test. I am not a fun person to be around when I can’t eat. Speaking of eating, I think I deserved a treat after my test. A cupcake from one of my students sufficed. (Is it sad that I actually saved it from earlier?)


Tonight we actually have plans! That is a rarity for us. Yesterday my mom surprised us with tickets to see the Zac Brown Band in Columbia… tonight! I am so excited! We went to see them a little over two years ago in Augusta and loved their live show. I can’t wait to see how much bigger it has gotten!

Do we look different? We weren’t engaged, married, or expecting a baby back then… and let’s just say, we racked up quite a bill on “concession drinks.” It’ll be a little different this time around. I hope Baby M rocks out all night! šŸ™‚

What are your plans for tonight?


4 responses to “Baby’s First Concert

  1. Hope you have a blast!!! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  2. Why do none of my 10th graders bring me cupcakes?! Or I guess I should be questioning why I thought teaching high school was a good idea to begin with!

    Have fun tonight!

  3. ittybitsofbalance

    I’ve heard that playing music for babies while in their mommy’s tummy can stimulate their brain development or something of that nature. Consider this experience wise parenting skills šŸ˜‰

  4. char eats GREENS

    I really want a cupcake…that’s probably bad to say before I do my workout lol

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