Baby M: 27 Weeks

Welcome to the THIRD TRIMESTER, Baby M! I feel like we’ve come a long way. Just 13 more weeks to go!

What’s up with baby? According to MSN Health, “By this first week of the third trimester, your baby looks similar to what he or she will look like at birth, except thinner and smaller. The lungs, liver, and immune system still need to fully mature, but if born now, your baby would have a very good chance of surviving. As hearing continues to develop, your baby may start to recognize your voice as well as your partner’s. Sounds may be muffled, though, because the ears are still covered with vernix, the thick waxy coating that protects the skin from becoming chapped by the amniotic fluid.” I hope he knows my voice. Maybe I’ll start teaching him some lessons early on! πŸ˜‰ He now weighs 2 or more pounds and is around 14 1/2 inches long.

Weeks: 27

Total Weight Gain: Unknown. (Officially 25 pounds at 26 weeks!)

My Body: I’m starting to feel really pregnant. This might sound weird, but my skin feels extremely tight around my waist. If I’m going to get stretch marks, I feel like they’ll start showing up soon. I still have about half of my belly button left, though! I wonder how much longer until I lose it… (Can you tell I had a belly button ring in middle/high school? How good would that look now? ;))

Maternity Clothes: Must. Go. Shopping.

Cravings: Roasted veggies with goat cheese! I made them the other night, and now I want them at EVERY meal. (Still obsessed with peanut butter and hot sauce, too.)

Sleep: Elusive. My lower back has started aching during the night. It’s torture! I’ve tried sleeping in the craziest positions, but nothing has helped. Any advice?!

Baby Items Bought/Received: While not a “baby item”, we did receive our first invitation to one of our baby showers. It’s baseball themed and the invitation is a ticket. Freaking CUTE!

Best Baby Moment: I haven’t had a best “moment”, but I have been feeling especially close to Baby M lately. I catch myself patting him and telling him things. I feel crazy. It was also nice to run our first 5k “together” this past weekend! πŸ™‚

Goals: Sleep. I just want to sleep. My goal for this past Friday was to pass my glucose test. I haven’t heard back, so I’m assuming I’m in the clear. Let’s hope!

Worries: This week I’ve been way too busy to sit around worrying about things. That’s a good thing, because I was starting to freak out about all things baby related. I have next week off for Spring Break, so I’m sure I’ll just sit around worrying to make up for the lack of panicking this week!


17 responses to “Baby M: 27 Weeks

  1. What a beautiful pregnant momma!! Your going to such a great Mom!! I bet you can’t wait! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    What kind of goat cheese do you buy?!

  2. Couldn’t be lovelier, girl. I’m so excited for you, happy Third Tri!

  3. Your belly is SO cute! My lower back kills me too at night. Do you have a body pillow/pregnancy pillow?

  4. Aw, you look fantastic! 13 weeks will fly by!
    The baseball-themed baby shower sounds adorable!

  5. Love the shower theme!

  6. char eats GREENS

    I’m such a weirdo, but I love my belly button ring and am totally scared to take it out for pregnancy. I actually feel like a freak because I think I’ll feel naked without it…ahh, there I said it! lol

    That really is a cute idea for a shower…a ticket. Wow, I always hate the people (secretly) that are so creative with these kind of things. I used to have a creative mind way back in high school…I wonder where it went!

  7. You look awesome! I had lower back pain as well, and had to sleep with a pillow under my butt and back so it would support me when I slept. Good luck!

  8. You look beautiful!!!

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