Mom + Baby Day

Yesterday I spent the whole day with Baby M. (Okay, so he is always with me. Yesterday it was just the two of us, though!) I had two practice round tickets for the Masters and no one to go with. Sad! I ended up going alone for a few hours. It was fun to people watch and spend some quality time with my belly. 🙂

We saw Tiger.

We had lunch. Yes, I shared with the baby. Seriously though, I was starving. I had to have sweet tea and pimento cheese. The rest was just to fill up space!

We took a walk. The Augusta National has never seemed so hilly.

We asked a stranger to take our picture. It was weird to have to ask someone. And somehow the sun erased my eyebrows. It’s a good look for me, right? At least the baby looks good.

Once I ran out of sweet tea, I ran out of steam. We were ready to go home!

We did stop at my parents’ pool for a few hours, though. It was hot enough to go swimming! It felt so nice. 🙂

After spending the whole day with my human son, I thought I should spend some time with my furry boy. Bruster’s gives free dog cups to pets, so that’s where Ryne and I took Buddy after dinner. Lucky dog!


I’m still on Spring Break today, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. I’ve been cleaning and running errands all day. Buddy even had to go to the vet. He’s finally old enough for his heartworm and flea medicines. He’s growing up so fast! Pretty soon I’ll have two growing boys to take care of. 😉

The one thing I’m learning this week: Adult Spring Break isn’t exactly MTV-style. Bummer.


8 responses to “Mom + Baby Day

  1. That sounds like so much fun!! And isn’t it sad how different spring break is now!? I feel so pathetic now haha

  2. That looks like a fun day! I love alone time every now & then!

  3. I better soak up all the alone time I can before the baby comes! haha

  4. char eats GREENS

    I could really go for a sweet tea. That stuff is so damn good!

  5. I could only ever dream of seeing the Masters. How cool that you just had a ticket and no one to use it. #firstworldproblems Glad you had fun though!

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