Taking Care of my First-Born

Buddy is sick! Without getting graphic, I think he might have a very advanced UTI. Poor little baby. So far, I’ve driven to two veterinarians to find them closed. I should have called first, huh? I’m just going to watch him (and make him drink water!) while we wait for a vet to open. Hopefully someone will see us today. Poor thing just went yesterday to get his grown-up medications.

I’d be sad if I had to go to the doctor two days in a row, too, Bud. Don’t worry, I’ll get you a treat if you behave!

I doubt I’ll post again today. Or do anything productive for that matter. I have a hair appointment at 1, so I hope I at least make it to that! Homegirl’s hair is out of control right now.

Have a great Wednesday!



4 responses to “Taking Care of my First-Born

  1. Awee poor poor buddy!!! I hope he feels better soon! Can’t wait to see the hair cut 🙂

  2. Oh no! I hope Buddy feels better soon! My pug has had several UTIs & he’s actually getting an X-ray tomorrow to check if he has bladder stones!

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