I’m in Mourning…

…over the loss of Spring Break. It’s over. I’m sad. I had to go to work today, but the students won’t be back until tomorrow. At least I had time to myself to get some work done!

Anyway, I didn’t post on Easter. I was busy stuffing my face and eating too much sugar. I seriously regretted eating cake and a cupcake in one day. I just don’t have room for that much junk anymore. The baby takes up too much space. Towards the early evening I cuddled up with my pillow, my pup, and a bottle of Tums. Seriously.

I’m feeling better, but I haven’t worked out or cooked today… so I don’t have much to share with y’all. How bout a quick Easter Sunday recap?

Yes, that was a birthday cake you saw in the pictures above. Only 3 days until I turn 24!


8 responses to “I’m in Mourning…

  1. Aweee yay!!!! It’s almost your birthday! 🙂 That cake looks delicious!

  2. I regret all the sweets too, but somehow that didn’t stop me from digging into all of my Easter treats again today! Ugh… I have to go back to work tomorrow, too. 😦 RIP spring break.

  3. It looks like you had a perfect Easter! How far along are you in your pregnancy? You look so great!

  4. The end of spring break is always such a tragic event. I love love love your cardigan! Too cute! And my birthday is less than a week away so yay for our birthday month!

  5. char eats GREENS

    You’re just a youngin’!!! I’ll be 26 in May…ahhhhhh!! We totally didn’t do anything for Easter, but my mom warned us and I was fine with it and Tyler’s parents live out of town – so it was a no go! Plus, I had to study this weekend anyways. Big bag of fun over here! Watching Bubba win the Masters was good though 🙂

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