WIAW: Easter Edition

This week has been flying by. It’s the first work week after Spring Break, and I am really feeling it. I didn’t post yesterday, because all I wanted to do was complain. I decided to spare you. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I actually drove 45 minutes out of the way after work to a meeting… that isn’t until next Tuesday. I was exactly one week early. Super. I was so mad at myself. Do y’all have those days? I hope I’m not alone!

Another Wednesday, another WIAW. This week, I’m sharing my Easter eats!


For breakfast I had a two egg scramble with mozzarella, olives, sun driedย  tomatoes, and cracked pepper. I served it up next to some fruit (the grapes were so good!) and a plain slice of toast. With my breakfast, I had a small cup of coffee. I stay away from caffeine for the most part, but I deserve a cup every now and then!


I had a beast of an Easter lunch. My plate included: mashed potatoes, baked beans, broccoli casserole, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, a roll, and veggies with dip. I know, I was out of control. My grandma also made some shrimp for me since I don’t eat ham or turkey. ๐Ÿ™‚

“Snack” One

My birthday cake! My grandma made me Stuff Cake. It’s just chocolate cake with “stuff” in it. You bake any chocolate cake, poke holes in it, and pour condensed milk and caramel over it. Then you smother it in whipped cream and pop it in the fridge. She usually adds strawberries, but she left those out this time. It’s so bad and so good all at the same time.

“Snack” Two

My birthday cupcake at Ryne’s parents’ house. It was red velvet with cream cheese icing. I ate half before I threw in the towel. It’s sad, because red velvet is my favorite!


I had plans to eat leftovers. I really enjoyed these Spicy Tofu Lettuce Wraps I made the other night, but I just didn’t have room! I ended up forcing myself to eat a cereal bar and some olives before bed. Weird, right? Definitely not photo worthy.

And there ya have it, folks. Happy Wednesday! ๐Ÿ™‚


8 responses to “WIAW: Easter Edition

  1. haha looks like a great easter!

  2. Yum, Stuff Cake sounds amazing!

  3. I could go for a red velvet cupcake right about now!

  4. Red velvet is my absolute favorite!

  5. Wow! Cake twice in one day.. I am SO jealous ๐Ÿ˜€ You did a great job with sticking to the veggies for Easter lunch. Everything looks awesome.

  6. Those look like my kind of “snacks”!

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