Baby M: 30 Weeks

I can’t believe we are 30 weeks! Hitting a number that begins with a “3” seems like a huge milestone. We’re getting down to the final stretch! 🙂

What is baby up to? According to MSN Health, “Now weighing about 3 pounds (1,400 grams) and measuring about 10.8 inches (27 cm) from crown to rump, your baby continues to gain weight and layers of fat. This fat makes the baby look less wrinkly and will help provide warmth after birth. In preparation for respiration after birth, your baby will mimic breathing movements by repeatedly moving the diaphragm. Your baby can even get the hiccups, which you may feel as rhythmic twitches in your uterus.” I can definitely feel his hiccups. They feel like little thumps that happen at perfect intervals. I wonder if hiccups are as annoying to him as they are to everyone else. If he doesn’t like them, that sucks. He gets them all the time.

Weeks: 30

Total Weight Gain: Unknown. Probably 29-30.

My Body: …is killing me. I’m experiencing what must be a return of morning sickness. In the first trimester, I felt sick if I didn’t snack all day. Now, eating anything bigger than a few bites makes me sick. I still have my bellybutton (okay, I have what I am claiming is still my bellybutton), but I’m getting a few little marks here and there. I’m okay with them, but I hope they don’t turn into full on stretch marks. But you know what they say: “you can hope in one hand and…” What a gross expression.

Maternity Clothes: Six more weeks until summer vacation. Which means six more weeks until I wear nothing but underwear and/or pajamas all day. I’m really looking forward to that.

Cravings: Everything I see. Everything. I even have random cravings for meat… until I picture cooking it. Then I change my mind. I have been digging this lately:

Vanilla Ice Cream with Blue Pop Italian Ice on top. Deliciousssss.

Sleep: Yep, still no sleep.

Baby Items Bought/Received: I had my first baby shower last Sunday, so we picked up quite a few goodies. I’ll post about that tomorrow! Ryne and I also bought some more things for the nursery, but I’m going to save that for a final revealing! I think it’s going to come together quite nicely.

Best Baby Moment: No “best moment” this week, but I have really been enjoying the extra strong movements lately. It’s almost like I can see him now. I know that sounds weird, but he feels like he is right up against my skin. I actually got self-conscious the other day because I know people could see him moving. It was strange.

Goals: In the next few weeks, I want to get everything ready. I need to get his crib and bedding put together, his clothes in drawers, a hospital bag packed, and other little things like that. I know it seems early, but I hear anything can happen in the next few weeks!

Worries: “Anything can happen in the next few weeks!” Enough said.


5 responses to “Baby M: 30 Weeks

  1. you are beautiful! I am loving the updates! I took a life cycles nutrition course this year and was really inspired to become an RD specializing in maternal nutrition 🙂

  2. Oh no I hope you feel better soon 😦 you’re getting so close!!

  3. Just got caught up on the last few weeks of your Blog. I can totally relate with the body image shocks! I’m only 17 weeks and shocked to be showing as much as I am. It’s amazing how it crept up on me and punched me in the gut! Add that to the fact that I have had a tough time running lately. A 4-5 mile run involves less then 2 miles of running and a whole lot of walking. Either due to the fact that I feel so “full” or the fact that I feel like I have to pee! I described it to my running gals as if I’d just put down my fork on Thanksgiving and then went out on a run. Yuck! You look fantastic btw. I can see that your upper body is looking toned! Must be those home gym workouts!
    Keep it up!

  4. char eats GREENS

    My sister-in-law told me that hiccups mean strong lungs! Before she had her baby a week ago *tear* she was worried something was wrong and the doc said that, that’s what it was a sign of!!! It’s crazy that you’re at 30 weeks now!! I’d totally claim that bellybutton right til the end too 😉

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