Baby’s First Hot Tub?

Ryne and I have to stay out of our house today, because my friend Logan is throwing us a baby shower here today. I can’t wait! She has been working so hard and I know it’s going to be a blast. It’s co-ed, which makes it even better.

Speaking of baby showers, I had  a great one thrown for me by a family friend last Sunday. It was small, but Baby M received a ton of great stuff!

Nothing like a solo picture. It’s always awkward to pose alone or with an inanimate object (cake!)

There is nothing quite like shower food! It’s always so good. Why is that?

Spinach dip, pimento cheese, carrots, fruit, and chocolate covered strawberries. You better believe I went back for cake.

Another great type of shot? The always beautiful present-opening pictures.

I know. I should be a model. Anyway, have you ever heard of a whirlpool bath and shower for a baby? Yeah, me either, but Baby M will have one! What a spoiled child already… I can already picture him chillaxing in his baby hot tub. Ahh, so cute. It makes me realize that I would spend ridiculous amounts of money on baby things. That market totally suckers people in. I can’t even believe some of the things I’ve considered buying for him. Babies don’t need that much stuff, yet entire stores are devoted to them. Man, people are suckers for kids. I love it!

Oh, and if by chance you are wondering where I have been lately… we’ve been slowly starting to decorate the house. It’s such a pain in my you-know-what. The sad thing is, I’m annoyed with it and I haven’t actually done much of it. Lazy pregnant lady, right here. I pretty much just over-see the projects. Which really means I play on my phone while randomly looking up and saying “yup, looks great!”

Hopefully I can start blogging more, but really there isn’t much for me to share! I feel like this blog is really a running/sometimes-cooking/exercising blog, but my life is definitely not the same as it was when I started posting. I don’t think “today I walked around” and “today I jogged, but it was really more of a waddle” are sufficient workout posts, so I never really know what to write! I think I’m dangerously close to boring y’all to death each time I hit “publish.” I can’t wait to share post baby workouts! Is it sad I’m already excited for that?

I hope y’all have a fun Saturday! What are your plans? I need y’all to keep me up-to-date, because I rarely have time for my Google Reader right now! 😦


3 responses to “Baby’s First Hot Tub?

  1. You can barely even tell you’re pregnant from the front view! You look great!! I plan on grocery shopping and relaxing 🙂 Perfect Saturday in my opinion.

  2. char eats GREENS

    Ahhh my life is boring too. Hence how I haven’t blogged in a LONG time!!! I thought being done school would make my life more interesting, but it’s definitely done the opposite. I’m on a ‘how many episodes of Grey’s Anatomy can you watch in one day’ streak. Not something people care to read about haha

  3. How fun! I love baby showers and I actually got a pink whirlpool thing from Babies R Us for my friend’s shower recently. They will make just about anything for a baby these days. Glad you all had fun and that cake looked tempting.

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